Winner, Winner, DRUMsticks for dinner?

Events Winner, Winner, DRUMsticks for dinner?

Well, we did it.

We have been looking forward to the RAR Drum Recommends awards for many months as it really showcases the pioneers throughout the UK.

But alongside that, we continue to focus on each and every client ensuring their project is completed to the highest standard with careful consideration of their needs, aspirations and stumbling blocks for which we find a sound solution and craft beautiful results.

And on Thursday 9th May 2019, we were recognised for exactly that dedication as we scooped up the Service Delivery Award for under 40 staff!

This was truly an honour, and something that we are incredibly proud of.  We have been in business over 14 years. And in that time we have perfected the art of digital marketing, print, design and web solutions for a range of clients all over the UK. Crafting and creating a team of tech wizards and creative minds. But alongside all that, we’ve ensured we always maintain a respectable and upright focus on customer service. And it’s this attention to detail in ensuring our clients’ needs are at the forefront of every project that has enabled us to gain national recognition on this scale.

We are of course proud of our services and firmly believe our team can deliver the best in creative design, web development and marketing tools to help our clients achieve and exceed their goals. But what we are extremely delighted with is that our dedication to the customer has been awarded in this way. We pride ourselves on superior service. We go above and beyond. And we always ensure our customer is put first, offering them a solution to their needs and often surprising them with more ideas, more creativity and more innovation than they had even considered.

Our boss man, James Aberley said “The Drum Recommends really awards the agencies who are the best of the best across the UK. Every agency nominated for an award only gets nominated if they have happy clients, so to win the award for Service Delivery is everything to us as it recognises the lengths we go to, to help clients achieve their aims on projects of all shapes and sizes”.

It’s often thought that as businesses grow and their success aims higher and higher, the customer focus and attention on superior service lacks more and more.

But not with SO Marketing.

And this recognition on a national scale only proves why that dedication is so important, and so well received amongst peers and clients alike.

So if you want to work with an agency that is recognised as delivering award winning service, get in touch today!

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