Why You’ll Embrace Video Content in 2016

Creative Why You’ll Embrace Video Content in 2016

Video Killed the Visual Marketing Star

If 2015 was widely recognised as the year that visual content marketing – HD product imagery, infographics and such like – really took off, then 2016 looks set to be the year of video. In a bid to outrun and outstrip their competitors, more and more brands are turning to video as the latest branch in their visual content marketing efforts, embracing moving images and sound as a means of getting across their brand’s message. Video content is cheaper to produce and easier to share than ever before, and let’s face it; if a picture says 1000 words, a video probably says… well, a lot of words, so if you haven’t thought about it before, it’s definitely time to consider video marketing.

Messages in Motion

Realising your message in multi-media has never been easier, and now, thanks to the wide array of platforms on the market, you’ve got a whole host of ways to make sure that message reaches your target audience demographics. This type of content marketing can take any form, from a short video on your ‘About Us’ page that captures your company’s philosophy, to a podcast on your YouTube channel wherein you debate the pros and cons of organic vegetables (probably only a good idea if you actually sell organic vegetables). You can also place video adverts on the Google Display Network, having them appear on relevant YouTube channels or websites frequented by your target consumer. The “Big 3” social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter & Instagram) now even all have their own fully-functional internal media players.

Infographics are SO Last Year

Most importantly, however, video content helps you to make an impact on your consumer, whether it’s via your social media, or even on your website. Using the latest in HTML5 coding techniques, we can deliver full-screen, responsive video content that captures and conveys your message in a way that copy and static images just can’t. In fact, we did exactly that for this client – now tell us that isn’t the way to make a bold entrance. In 2016, there’s definitely still a place for clever infographics, subtle visual elements and ‘flat’ website design, but in some cases, brands just need that extra bit of “oomph” to help them stand out from their competitors.

Watch this Space

Thanks in the large part to HTML5, which allows us to place and render increasingly complex elements across a wide range of browsers, video content looks to be one of the defining web design trends of 2016. Speak to us today about incorporating video, and other unique interactive elements into your website today, and start embracing moving images before you’re left behind by your competition.

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