Why You Shouldn’t Stop B2B Marketing this Christmas

Culture Why You Shouldn’t Stop B2B Marketing this Christmas

To B2B, Or Not to B2B

It probably doesn’t take Don Draper to work out that B2B marketing spend hits an all time low throughout the festive period. With so many brands trying to bombard consumers, and business owners themselves being preoccupied with embarrassing Christmas party antics and hollow New Year’s resolutions, there’s no doubt that commercial priorities drastically shift from growth to preservation. Never one to follow the crowd of course, SO Marketing are here today to explain exactly why you should still be marketing this Christmas.

It’s an Image Thing

For the modern B2B service, your social media channels are an invaluable tool in your PR and brand image arsenal. Whether you’re a recruiter connecting with clients and candidates on LinkedIn, or a handyman posting tips about snow clearance on Twitter (if so, brilliant strategy), consistency is always key when it comes to social media community management.  When companies ‘go dark’ on social media for extended periods of time, it can negatively affect PR and give potential clients the wrong message; it doesn’t only damage the credibility of the social media profile, but generally implies a lull in company activity. Henceforth, even if you’re not actively marketing to new B2B clients, it’s imperative to maintain somewhat of a presence in between the awkward Christmas parties and downright awful games of charades.

More Marketing for Your Money

Broadly speaking, a less competitive marketplace is also a less expensive one, meaning your B2B marketing budget will stretch further throughout the festive period. As a general rule, PPC advertising services like Google AdWords, Bing Ads or even LinkedIn marketing utilise a bidding structure; when a consumer’s search triggers you advert, you enter into an auction with your competitors. During the general lull of the Christmas period, the competition surrounding certain B2B phrases similarly drops, meaning your click charges will come in considerably cheaper. Once again, although business users might not be looking to convert immediately, maintaining an active presence in the commercial sphere is integral to your marketing efforts over the coming year.

Time 2 B Active

Regardless of your organisation’s targets this festive period, maintaining a presence online is easy, affordable and pretty much integral. Even though market demand for certain B2B services might decline slightly over the coming weeks, that’s no reason to let your digital strategy slacken. Now is the time to start connecting with your commercial followers on a granular level; learn more about various forms of social media and B2B marketing by chatting with us today.


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