Why You Shouldn’t Be Using eBay to Sell Online.

Culture Why You Shouldn’t Be Using eBay to Sell Online.

Bargain Hunters

Now before we get into the nitty-gritty of the article, let’s start by saying we’re big lovers of EBay, from a consumer’s perspective that is. We’ve all been there, avidly hunting for a bargain, waiting to ‘snipe’ in with our bids in the eleventh hour; in fact, I got a great deal on a Sex and the City box set just last week. Did I just type Sex and the City? Apologies, what I meant to type was, urm… Breaking Bad. Anyway, although EBay might look like an attractive prospect for new sellers, it can – in many ways – actually hinder your brand rather than help it in the long run. Now we’re not saying you’re going to need a responsive Magento Ecommerce platform just to shift some old junk from the garage, but if you’re going to make a career out of online retail, you might want to consider some other options.

Killer Commission

EBay is a well-established, internationally-renowned platform for buying and selling goods on both a private and commercial scale, and with that comes a level of consumer recognition and trust that you just can’t buy. Well, we say you just can’t buy it, but EBay manages to place a pretty hefty price tag on it. Though the various fees might seem negligible enough when you’re just getting rid of an old pair of trainers, or a leather jacket you’re now much too old and responsible to wear, they can quickly accumulate when you’re trying to build a business. For that all important consumer trust, business users have to pay a number of costs, including listing fees and commission charges, that usually add up to approximately 10% of the sale, including postage.  Although 10% is a relatively manageable cost for such a user friendly platform, there’s no doubt that that extra budget could be effectively invested in marketing, product photography or even new stock.

Botched Branding

Of course, user-friendliness often comes at the price of customisability, with EBay being no exception. The tools with which to help build your unique brand are few and far between; you can upload your own logo, write your own copy and use some highly questionable text formatting options, but that’s pretty much all there is. Again, for new sellers looking for a quick buck, this isn’t such an issue; but for those looking to build a community around their organisation and generate returning custom, the limitations are pretty noticeable. When you’re selling items on EBay, your brand is effectively limited to a small logo and your seller rating, which is why few users ever knowingly purchase from the same vendor twice. In contrast, with help from guys like us, you can develop a user-friendly ecommerce website complete with clear and coherent branding, creating a straightforward image that dovetails with your corporate message, and helping to build both exposure and recognition.

Getting Serious About Selling

If you’re looking to start making a name (and career) for yourself in online retail, then you’re going to need to consider a custom built Magento platform. These ecommerce websites can be developed for an affordable fee, and – most importantly – are highly customisable. This means you can change and tailor them to suit your developing needs as a business, unlike your EBay page. Using a Magento ecommerce site, you can grow and develop your product lines, build your brand and ultimately connect with your ideal consumer on a personal level. Chat to one of our specialists about an ecommerce package today!

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