Why You Should Choose PPC Over SEO

Culture Why You Should Choose PPC Over SEO


“Well no-one clicks on those ads do they?”

“If I pay for PPC ads for long enough, Google just upgrades my natural listings – right?”

“Google Ads are secretly just run by dodgy companies looking to steal my credit card information!”

These are just a small selection of the misconceptions digital marketing specialists have to deal with on a day-to-day basis when it comes to paid and natural search listings, and believe us, they aren’t even some of the most outlandish. Contrary to popular myths, PPC advertising is a highly effective, lucrative form of marketing for loads of companies (actual real companies, like you and I) so perhaps it’s time you started integrating it into your digital marketing plan.

Time Is Money

So why should you be adopting PPC marketing? After all, Dave from down the pub (amongst other credible sources) reckons that only 20% of Google users ever click on paid listings. Though it might be true that the actual click rate for Google’s paid adverts is marginally lower than organic listings, the cost and time involved in a professional PPC campaign are also much smaller. PPC campaigns operate on a “does what it says on the tin” basis, in that you literally just pay when someone clicks on your days; remember that SEO campaigns can provide positions, but that’s no guarantee of traffic. Additionally, pay-per-click advertising campaigns can be built and activated in a matter of hours, giving you an immediate first page presence as-and-when you need it. On the other hand an SEO campaign is an arduous process requiring fresh content, links back to your site and in some cases even tweaks to your website’s structure (and we all know what a pain web developers are).

Pay Per Quick Advertising

By their very nature, PPC campaigns are also highly versatile, and can be adapted and changed to suit the needs of your organisation, making them a particularly valuable tool for ecommerce retailers. Let’s say for example that your business sells cars, and you’ve just got a brand new batch of sleek black Audi’s in for sale. Using SEO, it would take months, perhaps even years, to optimise around the relevant keywords, by which time your sleek new model has turned into last year’s banger that even your Nan wouldn’t be seen driving around in. Using PPC ads, however, you could be gaining exposure in a matter of minutes, and driving relevant traffic back to your site whilst the product was still very much on-trend. Unlike SEO, then, PPC campaigns can change as your business grows and develops.

To Boldly SEO…

Ultimately, there’s only one person that can decide where and how your marketing budget should be spent; PPC advertising is a powerful tool for those looking to gain a lot of exposure on a small budget or a limited timeframe. A versatile programme by design, a Google AdWords campaign can be adapted to suit your changing needs as a business, making it particularly useful in instances where stock or products offered are likely to change. That being said, a natural listing brings with it a quintessential sense of prestige that can help customers to convert. Through various partners, SO Marketing can advise and deliver compelling PPC, SEO and social media campaigns, chat to us about which would be best for your brand by calling 01538 750538 today.

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