Why we choose WordPress as our CMS of choice

News Why we choose WordPress as our CMS of choice

We often get asked why we recommend WordPress for our content managed websites, and it falls basically into the following key points…

1. Preference

We have used a huge variety of CMS platforms, both open source and paid and pure and simple we prefer WordPress. It is preferable for us to build on WordPress as the entire team understands how it works without certain people specialising in one CMS or the other. WordPress is by far the best CMS we’ve come across.

2. Easy to learn

Training clients to use WordPress takes about an hour. In that time, we can cover all functions both basic and custom and then clients can manage their content effectively afterwards.

3. Price

Open Source – there is just no point spending many thousands of pounds on expensive platforms when WordPress can be customised to achieve the same ends, with significantly lower total project cost.

4. Big companies can’t be wrong

You would be surprised what businesses use WordPress to power their websites – some examples are here : http://en.wordpress.com/notable-users/

5. Great built in features

WordPress has awesome blogging and news features built in, as well as a great way to display complex data on pages using the custom post type structure.

6. SEO

Google LOVES WordPress. We’ve managed to get websites to number one on google with no more than an hour spent on specific on-site SEO, mainly helped by the fact that Google finds WordPress websites very easy to crawl and index.

7. Content is still king

With WordPress coming from a blogging/news background, it is a great platform for managing lots of content, and content is the key driver to good SEO success on a website.

8. Easy replacement staff training

When staff leave businesses, we find it very easy to refresh new staff on how to manage the wordpress website without it requiring costly additional training

9. Ease of adding plugins

If you can think of it, it’s probably been made for WordPress as a plugin. One of the great things about WordPress is that the developer community makes plenty of new functions and modules to extend the functionality of WordPress, and this enables us to quickly add new features without it costing significantly more money.

10. Support

The Developer community for WordPress is extensive and offers support, not only that, most web agencies are now familiar with WordPress so you are not restricted to just one developer which makes it easily portable and supported.

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