Why Mobile Marketing Should be Dialled into Your Business

Technical Why Mobile Marketing Should be Dialled into Your Business

Gone are the days of keeping your business marketing confined to leaflet distribution or the occasional poster campaign. Nowadays, we have a range of digital possibilities to delve into. Not to be overlooked is the modern day heavy weight that is mobile marketing. Based in Leek, Staffordshire, SO Marketing is committed to using this relevant form of marketing and here’s why.

The business world has seen a dramatic surge in the use of mobile marketing over the last few years. Where just 12% of all digital media was focused through mobiles in 2008, as of 2015, a huge 51% of that total was mobile. That’s no small jump. And it’s something your business can’t afford to ignore.

Firstly, let’s dispel one thing. The techno-savvy amongst us will be aware that the past use of SMS marketing has long (long in digital terms, anyway) been retired, or at very least, relegated. We all remember those handy ‘Orange Wednesdays’ text messages we could send off, sneaking us into the cinema at reduced prices. Certainly, campaigns like this marked the start of mobile marketing, but they no longer shape it.

With WiFi and 4G technologies escalating year in and year out, the use of our mobile devices has skyrocketed. In public, we can hop onto Google to search anything that pops into our heads, using our trusty portable encyclopaedias. In short, this is the ideal chance for businesses to capitalise on mobile-users’ browsing habits.

Type anything into Google and you’ll see reams of results. We’re not talking about just the simple page title or URL to grab your attention. Now your Google search results are bedecked with extra information, streamlining a mobile-user’s browsing experience. This is all courtesy of Google’s AdWords extensions.

So what do we actually get from AdWords? Take a look at a page title, and you’ve also got various links into the website in question hovering just below them. What exactly are those little guys doing there? They’re known as sitelink extensions, a type of AdWords extension, and they’ll be invaluable to your mobile marketing strategy.

Sitelink extensions act as portals to the snippets of information that mobile-users are in search of. Provide that information efficiently, helping your customers to cut a few corners, and there’s a greater chance of them wanting to explore your website rather than get lost in it. It’s a classic, ‘you scratch my back, and I’ll scratch yours’ situation.

These nifty extensions don’t end there. Another form available to you is a call extension. Provide customers with that direct call button beside your page title and you are yet again helping them to reduce their time spent searching for the phone number. What’s more, it’ll channel them directly into your business, increasing your chance of boosting revenue.

Also creating quite the stir is the use of ad extensions. Here, you stick additional business information onto your text advertisement. That can be by listing an address, a phone number, a link to your latest 50% off coupon; whatsoever your heart desires. Ultimately, you want to give a new depth of value to your advertisement, and in doing so appeal to mobile-users’ collective curiosity.

The aim is to make them nosey about your business. You’re not only advertising, but you’re simultaneously nudging mobile users towards a clear choice- follow through and investigate precisely what’s on offer.

Embellish your Google appearance further with a scattering of callout extensions and your mobile marketing strategy will be top-notch. These appear at the top and bottom of Google search results, giving bite-sized snippets about the extra benefits your business can provide. That speedy delivery rate, the free postage and packaging, or the ever-present Support Team, callout extensions are the punchy cheerleaders for your online presence.

The fantastic news is that with all of these possible mobile marketing strategies on offer, you have room to experiment. Take the time to trial these strategies and watch your click-through rate soar, your phone lines buzz, and your business boom.

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