Why is your Website Content Text Important

News Why is your Website Content Text Important

The internet is a fascinating and sometimes confusing place…not only for business owners but also for those who use it in a quest for knowledge, information, products and services. Because there are so many websites out there, it’s a tricky business for people to get what they want and quickly, which is what the internet is all about…speed.

Let’s imagine for a moment that “Mr X” wants to find out where there’s a company which can provide him with a removal service; he goes on a search for a good local  provider of removal services  and comes up with a number of sites all purporting to provide exactly he is looking for. The simple act of surfing becomes a game of elimination. Landing on the wrong website…one which isn’t well set out and doesn’t grab attention immediately will result in a swift action that of hitting the “back” button and Mr. X will continue on his journey across multiple sites until he finds the one he wants.

We’ve all done it…whizzed around 5 or 6 websites before finding the “right” one for our needs; but what makes us linger on that site and not on the others? Is it the colours used, the size of the font or the actual content? In truth it is a combination of all these things but the main issue is the content. The first few sentences will allow Mr X to determine if he’s going to get what he wants here or not. If he suspects that he’s not then he’s out in a matter of seconds.

So how do you ensure that your content is attractive enough to make Mr. X stick around for long enough to respond to your call to action?

  • The homepage should be a clear and concise map of what the rest of the site offers.
  • Use a warm, friendly tone…”we” and “you” are small words but users feel instantly at home when they see them.
  • Less is more; don’t fill up information pages with reams of text…people don’t like scrolling endlessly.

These are simple tricks which keep users on the page and considering that people will leave a website within 30 seconds if they don’t like what they see, making them comfortable quickly is a priority.

The quality of the information you’re offering and your general content is extremely important; well researched and regularly updated information is what search engines like and you need to please the search engines if your site is going to be a success! SEO is also important but keywords should always be relevant to the needs of your users, they won’t read badly written content that’s stuffed with words which have acted as bait; they’ll read informative and interesting content which helps them to get what they need.

Good content is crucial to the success of your website; it indicates a quality service or product and acts as the frontline introduction for users to your business. First impressions count so make them fabulous or your business prospects will just walk out the way they came in.

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