Why do we start many projects with the Logo Design?

News Why do we start many projects with the Logo Design?

Brand and logo design are the personality and the face of your company, product or service; in a nutshell this is the reason why we always begin projects with these details front and centre. We don’t start with content for a number of very good reasons…content comes second as do images and photography. Communicating with clients about their needs and what they want out of their website is the first step in creating the very best logo and brand possible.

Websites which advertise any product or service no matter what it is, need to do far more than explain the what the why and the how…they also need to make a mark and to affect people. This affecting of people is very important; it’s what attracts us to a brand; either by making us relate to something or by making us desire what the brand appears to stand for. Branding is what tells people what your business is all about; memorable companies are instantly recognisable through their graphics, their fonts and their copy…you just know it’s them when you spot their merchandise or their marketing.

The process of building and designing a brand is a very important part of the whole experience, the experience of creating your business. The logo should encapsulate your brand; it should instantly sum up what you’re all about. If it’s appealing to your audience, they will stop and look twice. That’s because it’s already talking to them even before they’ve read any of your information or seen your products.

We always begin with these elements because without them all we have is words on a page. Words on a page are important of course but selling a service or a product is far more complex than simply telling people about it. People need to be drawn into what you’re offering by the fact that it looks like something they want to be part of.

A company’s logo is equally important as we’ve pointed out; telling the story of the company’s culture and values the logo is a symbol for all that a business stands for. Though many logos are incredibly simple, there is not a line nor a dot which has not been considered very carefully before a final design is settled on…at least in a good logo that is!

Logo and brand have equal importance as they both lean on one another and support one another…one can’t do a good job without the other’s help. This is why the inception and creation of these elements should be an organic process which is brought about in conjunction with one another.

They are separate elements with equal significance in the future of your business’s success; this is why we begin with them…the personality and the face of your brand. With these in place, the content of the site will follow in a natural fashion and your website will work as a whole.

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