Why can’t I find my website on Google yet?

News Why can’t I find my website on Google yet?

When a website launches it is not instantly on google just because it is visible by it’s domain name. When we say Google, we are generalising as all search engines work in a similar way with regards to indexing websites. The process to index can take 4 days to 10 weeks depending on a number of factors such as.

  1. Popularity of the website – do any other websites link to them? Pushing it via social media such as Facebook and Twitter is a good way to help increase indexing speed here
  2. Is the content plentiful and worth reading? If the content is good then search engines will find it more relevant and find it faster to index.
  3. Ensure that the website is not using “black hat”techniques and methods to try and confuse search engines into promoting it higher than it should be, this is a trick they all see into now and doesn’t aid in good indexing.
  4. When we launch websites we submit the website to the various search engine indexes and in general within 3-4 weeks these are then indexed in google and start delivering search results.
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