Why Brexit is the Perfect Marketing Opportunity

News Why Brexit is the Perfect Marketing Opportunity

Brexit Strategy

It’s been a full week since the UK historically voted to leave the European Union, and what a turbulent time it’s been; the only thing to fall quicker than the pound was Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet, and people around the nation were utterly shocked at just how many of their Facebook friends revealed themselves to be closet specialists in economics and foreign policy (who knew?). Regardless of how you fall on the Brexit debate, it’s fair to say it caused quite a stir, but you shouldn’t let the news affect your marketing plan, and here’s why.

It’s Not the End of the World as We Know It

People woke up on Friday to scenes of cars on fire, shoppers scrapping in supermarkets and a breakdown in public transport. Then they realised the world hadn’t ended, and in fact this was just a typical Friday morning in Stoke-on-Trent. In reality, people got up, they went to work and maybe they even picked up a Starbucks on the way. Our digital marketing specialists noticed a similar pattern in Google searches, which only dropped by around 10%. Just because Britain might leave the EU doesn’t mean you don’t need to replace the faulty wiring in your flat; likewise, the prospect of Theresa May becoming Prime Minister probably won’t stop someone from buying a new pair of trainers. People are still searching, still looking for your products and services; Brexit just means you need to try a little harder to reach them.

Keep Calm & Carry on Clicking

We did notice that brands are now investing slightly heavier to pick upon the smaller level of traffic available; they’re increasing their average CPCs on AdWords to retain strong positions, and even targeting broader keywords to increase traffic to their site. Brands with strong natural positions, of course, won’t be affected by AdWords fluctuations, but rest assured they’ll be redoubling their SEO efforts to maintain their presence.

So what does this mean for you guys, the SMEs? Well it means that, if anything, now is the time you should be marketing. Studies showed that companies who invested during the previous recession are actually doing much better now, so don’t be discouraged by the prospect of growing your business. Now is the time to broaden out your PPC strategy or even pursue some natural positions. Perhaps it’s also time to start taking your marketing to your customers; don’t wait for them to search for you, reach out to them through social media and email marketing campaigns. We can even design unique branded templates to help your company stand out from the crowd, retain a strong subscriber list and drive traffic to your site!

SO… What to do next?

Naturally of course, the next thing to do is give SO Marketing a call. (If you haven’t read any of our blogs before, they usually end like this). Carving out a unique image for your brand has never been more important; we can work with you to create a variety of print and digital assets including new web platforms that speak to the quality and distinction of the services you offer. We’ve got loads of packages available to help small – medium businesses compete with big players, delivering responsive web designs and providing innovative digital marketing solutions to make sure they generate; chat to us online today to learn more!

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