We’ve Lit Up for Lockdown

Culture We’ve Lit Up for Lockdown

It’s safe to say it’s a unique time we are all living and working in right now. We’ve never experienced anything like it. As a team we have found the last few weeks a time of development, understanding, patience and, through our newfound way of working from home, a time of solid connection.

We may not be in the office, sharing brew rounds, discussing the latest binge-worthy boxset or huddling around the meeting room table to discuss ideas and flex our creative muscles. We may not be based at our beautiful HQ in Leek, but we are still very much connected and communicating as much as ever. It’s amazing to watch our team thrive under the pressures we find ourselves in, craft their distinctive schedule that works best for them and continue to create and develop work we are proud of. Everybody is finding their own way through this, and whether that’s a web developer finding his inspiration at midnight, or our writer waking with the dawn chorus to crack on with creative content, this flexibility has given our team a chance to develop and grow into new skills, and allowed us to appreciate that we can be flexible to ensure our team do the best work they’ve ever done. But, whatever works for them, through emails, messaging, video calls and phone conferencing, we are ensuring a solid communication both within our team and with our clients.

This huge shift in the way of working has been a big change for us in recent weeks, but for many others out there, that shift has been monumental. Whether they’re and ICU nurse working long night shifts, a supermarket worker keeping everything stocked for hungry customers, the postman, the teacher, the mechanic, the GP, the logistics firm, the farmer… The list of key workers around us is huge and there isn’t a way in which we can show our gratitude enough.

It can sometimes be easy to feel a little helpless if you aren’t necessarily a key worker. It can feel as though your role is not of importance. However, everyone in the whole country, the whole world has their own role to play right now. From staying indoors and home-schooling our kids to changing the way we do business to enable a brand to thrive, offer a delivery solution, provide online services, or just offering a neighbour a friendly wave and a reassuring conversation over the fence. It’s all important. It’s all necessary and it’s all key.

As a team, we’ve been making sure we slice out that 8pm slot every Thursday to stand with our loved ones and clap, cheer and sing our words of appreciation to every key worker. Whilst we may have found the last few weeks challenging, it’s humbling to remember what others are going through and what others are doing to help us get through this time.

But, we wanted to go a step further too. Which is why, if you pass SO Marketing HQ in Leek at night, you’ll see our brilliant building lit up in BLUE! Entering the empty office building with his son, our Director, Rich safely installed a fantastic array of LEDS to make our building a fantastic shining beacon of gratitude, remembrance and hope. We think it looks great, and we are proud to be able to show our appreciation. If you happen to go past our building, be sure to take a look, grab a photo and let us know what you think!

Thanks again to all our customers, friends and colleagues for working with us during this time. We will endeavour to support your business and create solutions that get you though.

And thanks to our key workers, whom we would not be able to do any of this without.

Thank you.

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