Website Creation – Behind The Scenes – Why Choose Us?

News Website Creation – Behind The Scenes – Why Choose Us?

To those who have no experience in designing a website it can seem like a pretty simple job, and if you want your site to look ‘home made’ then yes it absolutely is. However, we are committed to creating contemporary sites that will have a positive impact on our client’s business so when it comes to creating a site we always have a significant amount of work to do.

The Design

Our team luckily boasts graphic designers that continue to wow us with their creative designs but this doesn’t change the fact that designing a website to make it look crisp and modern is no easy feat. Our overall design ethos is to make a website look good that impresses but also achieves the stated aims of the website whether it be purchase of an e-commerce product, or to lead the user to an enquiry form. We take every last detail in to consideration from the placement of text and images to the font style and footer contents, choosing us for your web development is essentially a guaranteed ticket to a visually appealing site.

The Proofing

Arguably the most important step for our agency in particular since this step gets the whole team involved at once. We have specialists in every area of web design so when the proofing process begins we bring our heads together and re-evaluate all aspects of the site so when your site reaches the go-live process it is perfect, with every minor detail being studied.

The Content

The content of your site is what is going to bring in the traffic. When adding content to a site we ensure that images we use are relevant to your subject matter and in keeping with the rest of your site. Videos are another strong point for websites and taking a look at some of our previous projects will highlight just how powerful a full screen home video is. When it comes to text we prioritise SEO to ensure your site is best placed to be ranked by search engines and always ensure that the text on our websites is relevant and engaging where we create the content with our copywriters.

The Testing

We never send a site live without conducting the appropriate testing. We do this so once your site has gone live it is in pristine condition and is not going to have a constant need to be edited. The testing process ensures that all the content on your site is functioning properly such as videos, e-commerce shopping carts, enquiry forms and beyond this stage we then make the website live and publish it to search engines on your behalf.

A Final Word

The work we put in to create a high quality website is huge and normally runs to somewhere between 4 and 8 weeks full time work for members of our team and we wanted to share with our customers all the stages that go in to the building of their site to give them an insight in to what we do. If you want to get in contact with us about a website don’t hesitate to give Mike a call on 01538 750538.

Take a look at our previous work. Explore our team and agency. Learn from our latest insights. Get in touch to begin your journey with us!