Web Design Trends of 2016

Creative Web Design Trends of 2016

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The Next Big Things

The collective hangovers from Christmas have subsided, we’re already being bombarded with deals on Easter Eggs at the local ASDA, and we’ve stopped writing “2015” on everything by accident – it’s safe to say we’re now well into the New Year. With this, our eyes are firmly set forward (most of the time, sometimes they’re looking at the great deals on Easter chocolate) on the latest and greatest trends in web design, the concepts that are going to define 2016.

High Five!

First published at the tail-end of 2014, the fifth and latest version of the Hyper-Text-Markup-Language (or HTML5 to people who aren’t obsessed with web design) was still a relatively new tool last year. In 2016, however, we reckon it’s going to be a pretty big player in the web design landscape, enabling developers like us to build ever more engaging, interactive digital platforms.  Don’t worry though; we’re not going to bore you half to death answering those big questions like “What is HTML5?” or “What are the benefits of HTML5?” – you’ve got Wikipedia for that. The bottom line for you, the client, is that HTML5 will allow us, the web designer nerds, to fill your site with beautiful, engaging design concepts, from full-screen, responsive video playback to interactive, user-friendly product navigation.

Too Cool to Scroll

A few months back, we published a blog arguing that scrolling down a webpage wasn’t a problem, and (as if you even had to ask) it turns out we were resoundingly right. In 2016, you’ll see more and more websites that operate “below the fold”, which is basically web designers speak for longer structures that require the user to scroll down through the page to access the information they want. Though this sounds a bit tedious in theory, with the right designers, and visual imagery, these sites can actually play a crucial role in informing and connecting with your ideal user. The most compelling sites will also usually feature full-screen HD images that immediately capture the user’s attention.

Spotting a Recurring Theme

Although, with the explosion of new coding techniques and languages, this should be a time of clever innovation and design, you’ll probably also see a lot of recurring features shared by a great many websites. WordPress is now firmly established as the “go-to” creation tool for new sites that only require basic functionality, and the space for new themes and layouts has never been more lucrative. This means that although the themes on offer might seem more innovative/dynamic/whatever-other­-marketing-term-you-might-want-to-use, they won’t necessarily be unique. There’s nothing wrong with “going stock” as we say, especially if you’re building your own platform, but if you want something that truly sets your website aside, it’s always good to get a custom-built site.

Getting Trendy

Now we might not be the most fashionable bunch to look at, but if the SO Marketing team know anything, it’s how to build a site that defines trends in web design. Make sure your website says all the right things about your organisation; get a forward-thinking, wholly unique design by chatting to us today on [email protected]

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