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News Using keyword research to inform content

What are people searching for? What do they want to know? What does the customer journey look like for your business? It’s all in the keywords, and keyword research can provide invaluable answers if you know where to look!

Keyword research can prove vital when creating content that not only ranks but provide people with an answer or information.

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, or what services or products you sell… if people aren’t searching for keywords or phrases, then is there really a need for the content?

A company should create quality content that is relevant now or will be in the future. Incorporating keywords that add to the wider conversation, and ensuring that the content is optimised.


This is where keywords come into play…


The words and phrases that people type into search engines tell us everything. What they want to know, what they like, and what they want to buy. Whether these are questions, they ask for suggestions or they want inspiration. However short or long, keywords and phrases give us invaluable insight into what people are thinking.


Customer Journey


No two people in the world are the same, everyone is different. So too is everyone’s experience when purchasing products and services. This means that every person’s customer journey will differ, as we all have unique experiences and personalities. From the initial information search to making a purchase and becoming loyal to a company, based on the individual, the path they take on this journey will differ.

That’s why it’s vital to provide help, guidance, and information at each stage of the customer journey. But, this is where many businesses can miss the mark, by only creating content for those who are ready to make a purchase.


Let’s consider a company that sells flat pack furniture. Below is an example of content that could be created for the various stages of the customer journey.


  • Awareness search: ‘Clever furniture ideas for small apartments’ 
  • Content: 10 Space-saving ideas for apartments


  • Consideration search: Is flat-pack furniture better for the environment?
  • Content: Flatpack vs pre-built furniture: Which is greener?


  • Conversion search: Cheap white wardrobe
  • Content: 7 modern wardrobe designs for under £150


  • Loyalty search: How to assemble a ‘Julia’ wardrobe
  • Content: Step-by-step instructions on how to assemble our Julia range


Keyword Research


There are a whole host of great websites that can help you with keyword research!

Google Trends (as the name suggests) gives you information on search volumes of phrases and keywords. It also provides extra information on where these searches were made and related searches

SEMRush has a great tool called ‘Keyword Magic Tool’. This allows you to view search volumes, trends, and the average cost for that specific word. Plus other related keywords, and how difficult it would be to rank for that keyword.

‘Answer the Public’ gives insight into what questions are asked around certain keywords, including ‘how’, ‘what’, and ‘where’ questions.


Important things to consider when using keyword research to create content


  • What are people actually searching for, and what do they want to know? This can give you way more than their intentions, keywords can give you insight into the reasonings behind thoughts
  • The stage of the customer journey the user is at, and what questions/ queries they want answering
  • Optimise, optimise, optimise! SEO is so important for content, as it ensures that search engines can see your content, and how relevant it is for the right user searches
  • Make sure the content is awesome!


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