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Work Tips and tricks for email marketing

Email marketing can be very effective, but only when campaigns are planned, carefully considered, and have a clear purpose.

Email marketing has been around for a long time, and spam emails have also been around for a long time too. But email marketing has changed a lot, and evolved over the years.


Email marketing in a past life


Many people used to buy data, and bombard contacts until they subscribed to whatever the business was pushing. If the recipient didn’t subscribe, they would get a phone call and it was all very sales-y.

But now it is very different. Yes, email marketing campaigns have a purpose, but they also have much more thought put into them. And this is vital to get noticed amongst the abundance of noise.


The new way of email marketing


Nowadays, much more effort and strategy are put into creating an effective email marketing campaign. With them being more granular and targeted. Especially for e-commerce customers, splitting down customer lists into segments depending on shopping behaviours on the website e.g. abandon carts.

We think that email marketing is a great tool for almost every business. It’s a great way of keeping customers informed, and up to date and giving them information about what your business offers. This doesn’t always have to be new data, but it’s a great way of keeping people engaged, and showing why they should continue to be a customer.


The bigger the email list the better, right?


We always say quality over quantity. Yes, it may seem great to get your latest offers out to 2 million people, but actually how many of these people are customers or even interested? It’s much better to have a smaller list of 700 people who genuinely want to hear from your business.

Plus this gives you greater insight into the behaviour of your customers. You can analyse the data, look at click-through rates, compare the engagement of different topics of content, and review whether promotions work better on a Monday or Thursday. The amount of data you can collect is endless.


Email marketing should be complimentary


There are now numerous ways to get in front of your customers and prospects, both in traditional forms and digital forms. Social media, a website, search engines, events, leaflets, content, etc. So it’s important that your email marketing campaigns work alongside these, and are in harmony with everything else you’re doing.

Email campaigns should be carefully considered in the wider strategy and their place & purpose should be clear. Whether this is to tell a story, share information, solve a problem, or provide inspiration.

However, the way people interact with businesses varies, for some customers, the brand ethos may be why they interact with you, and for some, it’s purely about the price of your products. Which reinforces the need to make dynamic emails, and well-thought-out campaigns which appeal to different kinds of customers.


Our tips & tricks for creating an effective email marketing campaign


  • Use an email marketing service provider e.g. Mailchimp
  • Ensure that your opt-in process complies with GDPR rules
  • Ensure that your emails have a clear purpose
  • Have clear and clickable subject lines
  • Ensure 1 piece of content above the fold is clickable
  • Be creative with your email design
  • Ensure the email is appropriate for your business
  • Ensure emails can be viewed on different devices
  • Link images
  • Add in links to products, content, and social profiles
  • Ensure the email can be shared
  • Preview and test emails
  • Use A/B testing


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