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Podcast Things social media made us buy

Hi everyone and welcome to this episode of so what’s up, we’re doing a little bit of a different one than recent ones today. We’re going to be talking about things that social media has made us buy!


Hi everyone and welcome to this episode of so what’s up, where we’re doing a little bit of a different one recent than recent ones we’re going to be talking about things that social media has made us by
I’m joined by some Catherine and Rebecca and I think between the four of us you will you’ll definitely learn the power of social media marketing, just from some of the random crap that it has made us by recently. I don’t even know where to start on this one. Probably not with me because I’m still getting over the shock of my bank account at the moment. So heads up who was who was first on this one most random thing you’ve bought off social media recently,
a weighted hula hoop. Oh, we’ve all been Christian. I remember it was it was early on this year, I think not long started here. And I was like that I’ve stopped getting the gym that I used to go to that went in Congleton. There’s not really a gym around here. And I was like, Wait, it’s got a gym. I’m going to make use of it. But there’s a few things that it hasn’t really got. So I’m going to get away to heel hips. And I’ve seen all over tic tock people getting my waistline went from this to this and only two weeks and I’m not Yes, I will. And I bought it and I used it for the first time I used it wrong the first time I’m bruised over here. Yes, yes, it was. It’s heavy. It’s heavy. And there’s a heavy hula hoop and then I use it for probably about three times after that I noticed that my wardrobe
did not hurt whilst you were doing just a little
bit it first attempt to that this was a new games
I mean, one of the things I found out with mine was that I can’t hula hoop bit of a problem yeah it’s not something I’ve
ever but I think I actually I saw some stats here but I’ll try and get them up on my phone in a minute when someone else is talking but um about like how lockdown tried to like make people do like eluded purchases and now actually loads of people and really regret them. But so you saw the TIC tock that the hula hoop on Tik Tok just explain the entire process of like, right I don’t even know weighted hula hoops exists to Okay, that’s going straight in my basket.
It was tic tock So scrolling through and I saw this woman she got a different version of one. And she was like, Great workout at home. I do it for five minutes a day. I thought right? Efficient. doable. Yeah. doable. She says do it in a big room and make sure nothing’s around you obviously. I was like, Yeah, I’ve got the space for that. And she was like, my waist went from this to this. And she said like it’s it really helped because I’ve never been a fan of like doing abs setups are boring. Yeah. So if you make it a bit more fun, I was like, Yeah, let’s go with it. And I remember looking for one and I’m not sure if it was actually paid out on tick tock and I looked and it’s a very expensive one. And then I went into Argos and I found one why no just you know what I said in a different podcast and quite thorough. This was one of the rare occasions yes bought it pick it up tomorrow yeah and yeah yeah Catherine
if anyone out there wants
so I think is one of those where like just so I get this right and I don’t I just can’t fathom by the waited who obviously I probably both things that you feel that so it’s kind of like you know, when you flicking through the shopping channels like on TV and then you just see that random thing come up and someone’s like a step on this thing. And it vibrates and they do it for an hour a day every week. Yeah. And but it was QVC on Tik Tok.
Yeah, basically
by JML as well.
And it was a paid one you saw
I’m sure I saw a few and then I saw a paid one. But obviously when you see something taking you watch it, then they show you more don’t see those. Yeah, I was overwhelmed by weighted hula hoops.
We just have to have one.
What do you think you get more ads served to you on tick tock than you do any other social media.
No, activism is more of a variation on tick tock because based on things that I’ve watched Mr. Dog videos, but based on what I watch, they’re quite varied, but if I will, I was looking for a bank the other day and I looked at the website and then I went In Facebook, I must have seen me add about 10 times. Yeah, I thought oh my word this is too much. Yeah, it was just the same ad. So it’s it’s more of a variation on Tik Tok.
I struggle on Tik Tok to know what’s actually a real post and what’s an ad post. That’s I think they have created a seamless experience on the platform. And it makes it more difficult to realise however, I will say, on my tick tock, I don’t necessarily get served product ads because of the type the type of content I get on there trying at people like selling me courses, for example. So most of the stuff that I use tick tock for his marketing knowledge or finance knowledge, or like stocks in stocks and trades and like that sort of in crypto, that’s what the algorithm serves me. So I don’t necessarily get served products like I know weighted hula hoops or other things that I do on Instagram. Instagram is the source of most of my bank accounts misery, to be honest. But with Tik Tok, it’s just not what their algorithm serves me. So
I don’t think I use tick tock enough for that to be a thing. I just look at things that people send me I don’t tend to do
with tick tock there because I knew that you were you’re an avid tick tock user. I’m you Sam. Yeah, tick
tock viewer, not. Not that much of a personality to make them. Oh, no, you do have you do now you just say,
No, you just need to learn some more dances there. Yeah. They get disheartened because you weren’t dancing go viral.
I mean, we could we could change this at the Christmas party. Yes.
So social media, which platform takes most of your money?
Absolutely. 100% It’s okay. I think, like you’ve just said, it’s very hard to distinguish what is content and what isn’t art? Because, I mean, I follow different people or whatever, that kind of like, just showcase what they bought on Amazon. And it’s like, you know what, but they really, obviously they do it, obviously, because they get the the content side of it. And they might have an Amazon affiliate link in the bio or in the comments or whatever, that people can click because obviously it’s their kickback them how and that’s kind of like their whole content model on the app. Yeah. But that’s that’s then not or not no one no one’s no company is paid for that. Yeah. But that’s just based on based on what I follow and it because like Rebecca mentioned, it’s just so seamless, and and the algorithm and the content flow as you scroll in Yeah, it just gets kind of lost on you just thinking I’ll 200 quid for a bed that seals in empties itself is quite tempting. But
yes, so is that something you bought or you want to buy?
Want to buy? If it was about four times cheaper Yeah, no, I couldn’t I couldn’t justify it. So so it’s warm for
what sorry? It empties itself.
Yeah, so it just fills up like any you know, normal bed you put whatever you need to put in there. And then you can press a little button when you don’t it all open open up and then two little like I want to say they almost look like cable ties but they’ll just move to the corner and scrunch all the top together and then I don’t know what it does then but it does so much he might heat up and then like make it all fused together. I don’t know I’m not waiting. However, when when that’s done it just it’s it’s it’s already easy just drop out and then take them none of this you got to mess with tiny up and then if a bag splits you got to put it into another bag you know, I mean No, no, no, this makes love and use simple. Equation number points
150 quid
I can check Amazon for you now but that was like 200 credit I
think with Amazon as well when you get any like affiliate links off social media attached to that straightaway that Amazon’s one click purchasing where you literally swipe like slide to like it before you realise Yeah, pretty much you’ve not even thought about it then you just get the dopamine hit and then arrives the next day and it’s been a pleasant experience. On the following evening. Yeah,
you just stack the boxes and wonder what’s in them.
99 pound is how much that bed is and that is half as tempting though. Oh, okay. Oh,
so tick tock is dangerous before I think in terms of trends and stuff because obviously like we’ve had it here where like I’ve left my phone in the studio and Rich is an avid Fisher and I’ve gone home that night and been like served you know, like random fishing around and it’s just been a bit like, Yeah, this isn’t me. Yeah,
I’ve done the same experiment talking about game paddleboarding. And Mike gets an ad for paddle boards. Yeah, this is you.
Facebook though actually, I’ve never experienced that on Tik Tok, not like where, I guess we’ve had like a random thing. But then Instagram and Facebook are the ones that actually use, I guess, voice recognition and pick up on these cues
I’ve had. So often they can just predict what you’re going to think. Worrying, I don’t know that. I watch the social, I think it’s the social title that we’re on. Yeah. It’s really good. It’s like people, like you think that it’s listening to what you say. But it’s, it’s not? Yeah,
I’ve got some interesting stats on that, actually. So I was listening to Stephen Bartlett podcast with the happiness guru. And in 2029. So literally, like eight years away, artificial intelligence is going to be more intelligent than AWS. And like artificial intelligence, that just means the algorithms that the apps use, and by 2050, they will have surpassed basically everything like compared to what they were comparing, like, also, to Einstein and a fly as a fly. Well, AI is going to be Einstein, and we’re gonna be the fly by 2050. And they were talking about, like, the moral dilemmas of basically it’s going to have a same code of ethics, all these different things like or think for itself. So how do we train something now while it’s in its infancy? That is, there’s no doubt about it is going to surpasses how do we train it to like, do good, essentially. And it’s saying like at the moment, like with, like social media algorithms and stuff, where it was like Donald Trump, you can go on there. And it’s like, the first comment is always someone insulting Trump. And then the second one is always someone insulting the guy that insulted Trump. And then the third one is always like someone then insulting both of them. And it’s like, how do we break the pattern and make sure that there’s like positivity on there. And it’s almost like we can talk about like, these random things that we’re actually buying because of social media, and the algorithms and how it like serves as, like, I bought some massive purchases, because of the sort of stuff that I’ve been, like, served on social media, and then this, like, comparison, cure culture as well on there, and it’s like, how do we even go about like, I guess, curing that and it’s, I’m quite good with money. And I always have tried to be and even I’ve like, not like fallen victim to it. Because obviously, I do the thing like Sam and I were talking earlier where we like, try and wait seven days and see if we still want something so it’s not like an impulse buy and very rarely impulse buy anything. But like even then you get served ads and like a free week gestation period to try and do that. So now like I’ve had to do it like where I don’t wait seven days I try and wait until like the following month or like the next payday to really like pressure test wherever I want something or not.
Yeah, go do something similar, especially if it’s, it’s now for example, sort of like halfway Furthermore, from what, Allah I’ll wait until payday. And then if it still wants it was meant to be a one by four because I don’t want to spend any money. If I do, just get something down. I’ve got two weeks early on life, it’s not gonna change the world. I got it two weeks earlier.
Do you think things were flying by now pay later, like financing Kleiner and all of this actually adds to quite dangerously, I guess into this like instant gratification culture.
Yeah, definitely.
I I was speaking to a few guys in the studio about this because some gambling sites have pot Klarna on their websites, which is very nice. As long as it
doesn’t sound like a plan. Gamble now pay later.
Oh, well, you know, never pay. Get.
Exactly. So I mean, I sort of a bit old school because obviously I’m older. I’m into the turned 18. I worked next door to Dorothy Perkins shop. And I went in there to buy something and they offered me a store card. Oh, yeah. Go for it. I was like, Well, what idea Have you got? Well, I haven’t all I had was my a breakdown card. The only idea I had and they took that. And I got credit. So for me, it was like free stuff. Yes. 18 year old me. Yeah, yeah. And it’s just mind boggling how easy that is. And the data then ran up because then they were like, yeah, she’s she’s a prime target. That’s up a limit. Yeah, but Klarna I would react the same way to Klarna. Yeah, your old self would think awesome free stuff, which it isn’t.
Yeah. I mean, the pain 50 days I think is worse than the pain three instalments because then you’ve still committed. Obviously paying it or whatever. It just takes it in three instalments over, but I think if you pay him 30 days, whatever you’ve, you’ve essentially got something now you’ve not spent any money on it, but then you’ve passed it off. And ideally, you could just keep doing that forever. You have a bar like
it for, like a sauce or something. If I bought a load of clothes, me my daughter, we don’t know what size we are. We don’t know what we’re actually looking for. Yeah, the pain 30 days, and I can send back what we don’t want and then just pay for quite like up. But not as a, you know, as a daily thing.
No, I’m always one for just paying in full there. And then yeah, well, then I know what money I’ve got. And then if I do rescind return stuff to a sauce and then I get a refund on that. Oh, yeah. Yeah,
no, I’ve always been like that, like, I do use credit and things. But I’ll only ever put something on finance if it’s not percent APR. So for example, like my watch, I pay for that over like a term. And
the same with mine. Because it was yeah, it’s not the same. So why not? Yeah.
And then by the time I finished paying off, it will have accrued in value anyway, because you know, inflation is going up by 4%. By next year, it’s predicted. That’s, that’s going to be happy days. For me, my watch stays at the same price. Whereas if I actually saved up now over the course of two years, in two years time when I come to buy that it will be more expensive. So I think it’s being financially literate like that. And sometimes like instant gratification when you know what economic cycles can help, but then I’d never buy something with like a ridiculous APR rate. So for example, credit cards scare me to death I have one but I make sure that the limit on there is like what I could pay off at the end of every month so it’s never something that I’ve gotten into trouble with the other
one. But stupid like I was
social media wasn’t even that to influence it them really was.
It’s just a really pretty card. Remember it now I even remembered like, join it as part of my a level. Oh, yeah, that’s all it all it took
me something shiny, pretty much. So no then taking that like a pretty shiny pretty card. But we literally get served that I’d say if you go on Instagram, every four 4/5 posters and add I’d say
mission stories as well. Yeah. Stories, I’d say every, every three.
I think a story that I’ve probably shared before on this one was I was looking for any work bag. And it was I think either kate spade or someone else and I was like, Okay, I don’t know. I don’t know who to wear. I don’t know who to buy from. And then I went on to Instagram it had obviously seen that I’ve been searching for like black totes and stuff. But then because of all the brands that I actually follow, so I I follow a lot of like sustainability things like and we are taller and shreddy Chili’s, I followed them for years. And companies like that. A few shoe brands as well that may like shoes that are vegan leg leather. They then started serving me an ad for a new company called lawful London that had sustainable practices and their back was made out of vegan leather. And to top it off, it came with loads of compartments like a phone compartment, a laptop sleeve compartment, a water bottle compartment even somewhere to put my umbrella efficient. Honestly, it was like it knows me it was everything I want in a bag and it was literally a third of the price of the flight the Kate Spade ones and the other ones that I was looking for. So I did some research because I’m a little bit funny sometimes with things I’m not 100% like, behind you know, like I’ve never had vegan leather before because I didn’t know like if it’d be durable or not. So I wanted to watch the videos of the compartments and how they were used. I read the reviews of them and I actually did buy that bag and I do not regret it and I will 100% buy bags from them again so that’s a case of like I guess social media marketing working really well and we were talking about Fairfax and favour earlier they use social media marketing so well there I’ve
really liked I catch enjoy watching quite a lot there’s yakking at it and it will really reel me in at some point I’ve just got more than anything I’ve not made my mind at what I want.
So I bought the Buddha Caboose the ones with like the shearling like Chelsea beats with like the sheepskin inside them and they are the most comfy boots. But I actually like they were like what free luncheon 15 pounds. And so it was a big, big chunk of money to spend and I mean AMS
faces just now. Yeah.
Now I mean, I’ve had them now for over two years to be fair like me as soon as that line came out, I was one of the first people to buy. So and I did ruin them the weekend the week after by going on a walk at the alpaca farm and then pause they cleaned up really well put around a pair on them. and cared for them and are still going strong now they are my go to hiking boots, and they probably could have looked smart but that’s not how I use them. But it’s it’s really well
just had a quick flick through my Instagram while we just sat here now I’m not a massive Instagram user, but I must have gone through the first sort of 1520 posts three for Amazon advertising stuff at me air and grace because I really like their trainers. So obviously it knows that but I’m I’m on the fence about buying them and then just some other random clothing it clearly knows that I love pyjamas. And, yeah, so it’s a little bit scary what it does, no, because I don’t think I very often click through from Instagram. Well, maybe I do.
That’s interesting, actually. Like I’m just doing now my mind now that you said that. So my first ad that comes up is for sem rush, which is our SEO platform that we use. So we’ve got that one and
I’m just talking for Webflow as well talk so I think you typed in the wrong audience.
Oh, Mercedes because we mentioned those in a podcast we were recording previously. Wow. I mean, I would never buy a Mercedes so I’m not their target market.
Oh my god, I’ve got my the diabetic sensor that I wear. They’re wanting me to buy one from them. Nope, sorry, the NHS give me
WhatsApp they’re also serving me an ad I have WhatsApp so thanks for that. Content Kyle, which is another marketing platform emails. Yeah, so we’ve got those on there as well.
Sem rush one myself.
So I’ve got unique copper Boulware.
Oh nice. I want your
nice outfit to wear while I’m drinking my gin from my copper barware and then office would like me to buy some shoes.
I’ve got a random one now from antler official that’s trying to sell me a suitcase
Manas just every record shop under the sun
Oh peloton is sponsoring to me now so peloton is I would say the big purchase that I made because I want to say because of social media even though a lot of social like it did suck me in on social media and I will caveat this with I did buy in a very clever way I waited until it slashed the price by 500 pounds so I tried to be as savvy as possible but with that I just got really sucked in with like the community online and the like the the sense of achievement that you get when you get like a badge for completing a workout because anything that makes me feel like I’ve done something extraordinary I mean makes me happy
What was the point of that
quote never like on Instagram isn’t it?
peloton before because I feel like they do loads of TV ads and stuff but their social marketing is well still is but used to be really good and effective and as what really is drove them to be like a massive name now I might be wrong on that. I just might not have paid enough attention to that brand but that’s just something I’ve always fought about peloton so much Chili’s as well. Yeah, I
think it’s a community of peloton that does that and then coming to Chili’s
massive peleton Community Yeah, it’s insane
and lots of like, communities like sub communities like peleton moms or like I’m in
a peloton, ladies group and very rarely speaks actually about a peloton and the bike and everything it’s more about. I need to buy this where can I get it from people saying I’ve just bought this is awesome. And then we all go oh yeah, I’m having
I’ll tell you I have a peloton clearly I mean but it sounds like an exclusive club here and I’m missing
Yeah. Ladies group
this is this I’ve been sold to event 10 seconds.
Well it’s like cuz I was thinking about it and like a lot of the people that I like kind of I’m connected with online at LinkedIn and stuff, they all have them and I felt like a little bit left out because it was like not a part of the club. Now barely of the many user because like they’re really busy again working because they’re not like locked down at home whereas like I live in the middle of nowhere not like in the middle of Manchester like a lot of them so like I actually will probably still well I’m hoping that
it can be a very expensive clothes
hanger. Yeah, I’ve heard a lot of people saying that but I think Chili’s is another good one because we’ve been talking about that. So Chili’s as a brand I had one of the original Chili’s bottles I’ve known the brand for quite a while and me and my friends used to get them because when we went on like holiday and stuff with uni and we wanted in like at uni and stuff we wanted like cold water. I hate room temperature water,
not to sound vodka then if you’re with you.
But it’s new so like when they bought a Chili’s to my old bottle was about Oh, five, six years old, I want to say. And it was like a bit creaky and like it was a bit grim and I’d have had it for six years and the may or may not have been sometimes on a habit. So I wanted like one that was one a different colour because my old one was pink and I don’t want the colour pink. And I wanted the coffee cup as well because Catherine had bought me a coffee cup and I’d started using it in the morning and then one day I dropped it, and it crashed and I’m really sorry to Joe and it was made of bamboo and everything and it made me very happy because it was like, Yeah,
okay, so I went to to find
so I needed a coffee cup, and I needed a water bottle and I saw that they would do in a bundle and they just bought up the chilli series too. So like, Okay, I’m gonna get them in black because my new car is gonna be black. And that can be my vibe now for the next series. Everything pretty much yeah, live. I sold
her she’s going on. No, no.
But yeah, so I watched a few videos and I watch the YouTube ones because I wanted to know why it was so special. And basically why it was 60 pounds, even though I’d already like been exposed 60 pounds for both of them. Yeah. What I’m 40 now and a little bamboo brush as well that you can clean it with as well arrived. And it came with instructions because they come in like four parts. And I was like, Oh yeah, I don’t need these instructions. I just put them together. I needed the instructions. Now so yeah, it was it’s a technical piece of kit there. But yeah, you’ve started to get into these ads. Now having your sample have
start again. Surely sounds I have purchased previously in the pasta chilies? Not quite only recently, really about three years ago myself. So I’ve still got plenty of usage. Where my I think it’s a call it series one. Series One bottle. Yeah, actually, for about six months, I haven’t used it at all, especially during lockdown. So I never, I never really used the ice to bring it to work all time. And that was good. And we start working from home. And I was like, No, that I just didn’t just didn’t use it for whatever reason. So yeah, but it’s now but now they’ve obviously released the seasons series. So and it just doesn’t really know. So I’ll see I keep seeing it down and like it does play on my mind is to be like, you know what maybe the rabbi’s do or No, I mean, obviously I don’t need to, but it will be nice to have,
you can do a finger as well where you recycle your old ball if that helps make the decision. So like, you know, obviously ruining the planet with like an old chilies ball that’s like meant to be like lasting forever. And to be fair, my old chilli ball still does keep my water cold but the seal inside the lead was going so it did start leaking, which you know wasn’t great. So I did get as much use out of it as I could. But I think that’s where it comes down to like conscious consumption and but also then obviously as soon as I was ready to make a decision guess what popped up on Instagram? Yes. But yeah, I think in terms of social media Have you ever bought like quite a big purchase? That’s actually not turned out like what you hoped for it to be because I saw some figures you have a day especially like during lockdown and how like consumer behaviour patterns have changed. Loads of people have bought like so the most regretted purchases were pizza ovens like exercise machinery, or like things like that was a big like sadness one of the people buying like loads spending loads of money on like loungewear clothes and not leaving the house. Yeah, but not leaving the house and skincare people spent a lot on yeah, I’ve done that. Yeah. Oh Olaplex that was another one actually that I’ve then got obsessed with recently because of because of social media. So yeah, I’m I’m now using ConvertKit and I pretty much yeah, so but actually now that I’ve used it I don’t think I’ll go back because I genuinely do think it works on the hair having like dyed the light dyed it to shreds like it’s it’s keeping it healthy and the fact that like kind of supplement collagen because I also saw that online as well.
Actually, yeah, few things like that I’ve seen in the past and gone with and then they sit in the cupboard it’s not good really.
I do take mine everyday to be made it a part of my routine. Yeah,
I’m I’m really good at that for the first couple of weeks and then it just petered off. And that’s one of my day I
think it’s weird, though, isn’t it? It’s like social media plays to this, like, I don’t know, there’s just like culture of immediacy and just get you. And I don’t know, it’s just really strange how it all works. And I’ve still not figured out like the algorithm, how it actually works. But like in terms of putting processes in place, and I suppose we shouldn’t actually be telling you how to not fall victim to social media marketing, we should actually be saying to companies come to us, we can help you get the algorithm in your favour. And I mean, we can do that. But at the same time, I think if you want to be a conscious consumer, and not go bankrupt from using climate too much, probably stay away from the gambling sites, as I mentioned.
Yeah, that’s blew my mind a little bit that you can buy now pay later for betting?
Yeah, I only saw it so I only saw it on Twitter, by the way, I don’t see real gamble, who’s been doing this?
waiting for it to go live.
But yeah, I think there’s like measures that you can put in place, obviously, to do this. And if you’re a brand that wants to promote obviously, like caring about like your, your, I guess like your community and you could like your customers and staff may be having things that actually like explain things like climate to them, so that they understand like the repercussions of like not doing that and I know a lot of like fast fashion brands with like the likes of a sauce and stuff, why you use it, it fits their business model perfectly, because you they want you to buy quickly because the the rate at which they move stock and the way that they just want to breathe, basically bring it through the business during that like quick six week time period. And social media is so good as well for amplifying this because of like the trend basis of it so much so in a way that like, you know, when you used to walk past stop shopping and have like a different window, maybe every two weeks. It’s like that, but on roids like it’s just every two hours, like you see like a different story go up and it’s like a different shop story, like shop from for them. And it’s almost like you can’t even keep up.
I know it’s not, it’s not social media. But the ASAP, quite often pops up with oh, there’s 20% off until eight o’clock tonight, or by this now you’ll get x and it does fill you in, because then there’s a sense of urgency.
Yes. And I think coupled with the immediate culture on social media, where it’s like the Ariana Grande song where it’s like I see it, I want to abort it, whatever. And then like on social media, all of these people that you look up to we’ve got these things and it’s almost like that comparison culture actually the we we kind of touched upon seeing people that have these things, even in like, I guess, personal circumstances. It’s, you’re not even then I guess like consciously thinking like, do I actually want this? Would it add anything to my life? Thinking about it from like a rational perspective? And I know we’ve spoken about this in the past that brands do play on your emotions and they make you want to buy things and then you rationalise afterwards. But I do think having measures in place where it’s like maybe wait a week, a month? If you want something it’s no fun. No Is it? No, it’s no fun, but you
know, a great amount of money.
Yeah, you can save a great amount of money in dog Ed. But it’s I think it’s one of those isn’t it? Where like social media is great. And it’s made us by some really silly random animals. And I’m glad that the worst when you can think of it Rebecca is like a weighted hula. Yeah,
it’s fitness.
But, yeah, I think when we, when we think about things like that, it’s just how do how do people want to like spend their money and you don’t want to be known as like the brand that is the impulse buy, and then people regret it like you want to be known as a brand that actually you’ve delivered a great experience people use your products day in day out and it actually adds value to their lives, like a client or to Brighton. They have such a great community of people that love using their products because they genuinely make like a difference to like their way of living and helps them care for their cars and stuff. So while they use like digital marketing tactics, like I don’t think you come across anyone that would ever like regret buying from them because then it actually adds value to their lives and you have to be a part of a certain market to want something like that anyway, well yeah. And it’s just about I guess, having that as part of your strategy like no one wants to feel like they were tricked into buying something especially on social media when like people use it to like wine down and stuff. I don’t spend all day on it but um, so yeah, social media then no one else got anything to add to this no of a secret purchases. You’ve you’ve been hiding from is Catherine, I’m looking at you.
You know there must be so many
back at the Kelowna on gambling sites as a as a last as a final thought on that it’s not from what I could read it was. It’s not like a thankfully it’s not a you know, bet now pay later it’s more of using the for a faster bank transfer however, doesn’t look great does it on the surface, so maybe they could make that a bit more clear.
Okay, yeah. So it’s not a gamble now.
There is some still some ethics in. Okay, so completely sold out yet.
So, with respect to that, if you do want to talk about our digital acquisition strategy for, I guess, social media, SEO Google ads for your product based business and you can get in touch with us I know we’re joking, but we genuinely do know how to obviously get your product seen out there and hopefully just difficult brands so please no gamble now pay later. But yeah, thanks very much for listening and you can get in touch with us at hello so

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