The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale – Our Verdict

Culture The Walking Dead Season 7 Finale – Our Verdict

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So, season 7 of The Walking Dead reached its grand finale after a not so grand season and since our office is home to a few Walking Dead fans we thought we’d get amongst the discussion!

This is a little different to our usual blog topic but we’ve decided to start giving our opinion on some on-trend happenings worldwide and since The Walking Dead is such a hot topic at the moment and a lot of our team are opinionated about the subject it seemed like the perfect place to start.


Unsurprisingly Negan was great to watch in the episode as always and was throwing out quotable lines left right and centre. It was great to see him really have to fight for his life for once rather than sitting pretty completely immune from harm as is usually the case. Of course, in usual Negan style even in this moment of crisis, he was able to find a moment to flip off Rick and his group as he was driven away, a personal highlight of the show for us.


The biggest death of the back 8 episodes has without a doubt been Sasha. Our office has been divided by this death with some finding it very emotional and others being completely unaffected. The one thing that all Walking Dead fans can agree on, however, is that her death was in keeping with her character.

Sasha has lost an awful lot since her introduction to the show including her brother and her partner, everyone’s favourite loud mouth ginger, Abraham. Since the death of Abraham in the season 7 premiere, Sasha has been spiralling but seemed to find her calling in doing everything in her power to kill Negan and sacrificed herself for that very mission.

‘THAT’ scene

After a long season of character building and a slow-burning storyline, it was all the more satisfying to see a freaking Tiger save the life of Carl! This whole scene was beautifully crafted and was extremely welcome after a season filled with blink and you’ll miss it action and seemingly unnecessary conversation if we’re being totally honest.

King Ezekiel stole the show with his “Alexandria will not fall! Not on this day!”, a line that truly gives the viewer Goosebumps which is exactly what we want when we’re immersing ourselves in The Walking Dead world. Complete with death, gunfire and shouting, the whole scene was a joy to watch, which I guess you’d expect when a Tiger is involved.

The Junkyard Gang…

This was the one part of the episode that seemed truly awful. The Junkyard Gang have been irritating all season long. It’s hard to want to invest in people that say silly things like “take him to the up, up, up” but we endured it because they were vital to Ricks plan. Well nope! After enduring all their intolerable garbage, they betrayed our gang.

The issue with this betrayal is it means nothing. The Junkyard Gang are an entity and have no loyalty or relatable qualities so this betrayal didn’t capture the viewer the way it so easily could have done.

Imagine for a second an alternate universe where all the time our gang spent getting guns for these insufferable morons was instead spent building the characters of the Junkyard Gang in to likeable characters with relatable features. Now what we have is characters that have substance and that we like, so seeing them stood beside Rick ready to take on the saviours would have been incredible. But then they betray Rick and his gang. That would have been truly emotional and devastating! To see these characters that we had grown to care about sell out to the saviours would have made this finale all the more emotional.

The show is supposed to invoke emotion, when we watch The Walking Dead we want to feel the same emotional highs and lows that the gang do, but it was hard to feel anything but empty when the Junkyard Gang betrayed the group. If the Junkyard Gang were regular people that we had grown to like the audience would have felt the devastation that we were intended to originally.

Everything Else

So, that was the finale! We saw some other awesome little bits like the nod that was exchanged between Morgan and Rick after Morgan took down a saviour. Maggie, King Ezekiel and Rick addressing their new community in the closing moments. Eugene, it would seem has turned his back on our group which is neither here nor there since he was always a liability. It also appears that Dwight is very much team Rick given the fact he left a message for Daryl informing him that he “didn’t know” about the betrayal that ruined Ricks plans. We even got a nod to the deceased Glenn when we saw Maggie holding his watch!

Be on the lookout for more blogs like this, from Donald Trump to the music industry we’re going to be sharing our views about it all. It’s a great opportunity for us to share with you what our office likes and dislikes and hopefully allow you to get to know us a little better.

The finale was brilliant despite the issue of the Junkyard Gang. The three leaders of their respective communities have now pulled together to fight the saviours and the scene is set for season 8 to be one of the best we’ve seen! What did you think of the whole thing?

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