The True Cost of Bad Marketing | Digital Marketing

Culture The True Cost of Bad Marketing | Digital Marketing

Marketing Meltdown

If done successfully, your offline advertising, digital marketing strategies and all-round PR should combine to generate one thing; return. However, as we’re all probably more than aware by now, the three don’t always magically come together. Whether you’ve made a mistake with your marketing manager, ditched digital altogether or just pulled the rug from your PR, having a poor strategy in place can cost much more than just money.

Time to Own Up

So how can you tell if your marketing is misfiring? Well, particularly in the case of digital, the figures usually speak for themselves. Your in-house team or external digital marketing agency should be making it their aim to deliver cost-effective website traffic and conversions. With that in mind, be sure to read up on what you’re actually getting for your money. If you’re paying for a PPC campaign, what’s your average click through rate? How much does it cost when a single visitor clicks on your ad, and how likely are they to make a purchase? Alternatively, if you’re branching out into social media marketing or promotional emails, be sure to keep an eye on things like social engagements, clicks through to your website and open-rates. All of these figures will give you a much more informed idea of whether or not your marketing is hitting the mark, so to speak.

Mounting Costs

Digital marketing errors don’t just incur financial expense, however; in fact they can end up seriously damaging your company’s image in the short term. Offending your consumers with a Facebook faux pas or a terrible tweet can lead to negative feedback, poor reviews and drops in follower rates. Of course, messing up your marketing strategy can also cost, well, money – which is pretty important if we’re honest. All sorts of things like targeting the wrong keywords, getting your tone wrong on social media or investing in poor quality data can lead to you investing your budget in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Make Do & Mend

We all make mistakes, and the great thing about digital marketing and PR is that everyone has a really short attention span, so companies like us can help you rectify them. Perhaps you’ve accidentally ‘retweeted’ Donald Trump on Twitter? Maybe your PPC link direction is more confusing than a Game of Thrones family tree? Our experts are specialists in all forms of digital marketing, from search engine optimisation and PPC advertising through to social media and email marketing, so give us a call and let us sort out your digital disasters!

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