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One of the quirks of being a marketing agency that also happens to produce a lot of web content is that we often get compared with “web design” agencies.

Web design is one of our core services but things aren’t quite so simplistic for us. We consider our clients’ needs in a more holistic way…we look at the whole picture. If we feel that a website is what’s needed then that’s what we create and sometimes we might suggest other marketing tools to ensure we’re offering the perfect package for each project.

One of the main tools we use within our work is photography. Images are important, even vital when it comes to reflecting a company’s brand identity.

At SO Marketing we’re forward thinking which is why we’re one of the few agencies in the UK to offer an in-house photographic studio. Whether you need product, lifestyle or location photography we’re able to accommodate that and tailor images to your needs.

Check out the picture below of our team producing their website portrait shots; does your project need bespoke photography? Our facilities offer the perfect opportunity to ensure that your brand gets what it deserves; original and tailored photographs produced in-house.

This whole-picture approach is what sets SO Marketing apart; you’re not getting a patchwork of services collated by teams which have nothing to link them together, but collection of bespoke and individual concepts which have been created to compliment one another and work together as one.

If you’d like to discuss your needs in more detail, get in touch and we’ll be happy to talk in more depth about what we can do for you.

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