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James talks with Jonathan about why SO Marketing has rebranded and why now was the right time to do that.


Hi, and welcome to this episode of so what’s up, and today we’ll be talking about our forthcoming rebrand. So I’m here today with Jonathan Brady, who’s our creative director. And today we’re talking about why we’ve decided to change the branding of the business. I John, how are you today? Hello. Yeah, more? What? Thank you, I guess. So I mean, the first the first question is, why do businesses generally but specifically, why did we need a rebrand? Yeah, what’s, what was wrong with what we had?

Well, okay, specifically, we’ve worked with the previous brand for how long now,

I don’t know, actually must be at least seven years,

seven years. So just naturally, over time, we’ve kind of evolved as an agency and outgrown the previous brand. And there’s a number of things that didn’t reflect on us as an agency and where we’re at now. So in terms of the level that we output work, the clients that we want to work with the service that we offer an overall kind of broader picture as well, it didn’t reflect any of that. And just on a general note, it’s the brand felt like it had a big ego. And it just needed mature and a little bit as well.

Yeah. And that’s understandable. I think, you know, we did that brown when we first moved buildings. And it was sort of very much an intrinsic part of our moving, you know, it was in the graphics on the walls, and all that kind of stuff, but it makes sense at the time. But yeah, like I say the business now be moving on to different clients. And I think from our point of view, it’s sort of more we have more sort of well established relationships with clients now rather than project work. And I think potentially, the old brand was very much geared towards, let’s say, smashing out lots of project work.

Yeah, definitely. I mean, the old brand, you know, it served as well. And it got us to where we are today. But it just, it naturally felt like a time to revisit it and give us a fresh look.

Yeah, cool. So I mean, it turns into the aims of it. Yeah. What we’re hoping to achieve, by rebranding the business and people seeing us appear differently on social media on on the building and things like that, what are you? What are you hoping people think when they see the new brand,

we just want to reflect the fact that we, we don’t take on a project, build a website, and then pass it over to clients and send them out the door, we, we want this ongoing relationship with clients. So when a website is coming towards the end of the builds, it’s, you know, what’s the girl life strategy? Beyond that? Have you got any social media plans, the marketing their content, themes of SEL, start broad a picture of what we offer and making sure that we reflect that through the brand, you know, we want this relationship? It’s not a single project. And that’s, that’s the unknown. We want to continue with client for for years to come.

Cool. Yeah. So obviously, you know, we, we’ve been around for 17 years now. And I think this is potentially our sort of third or fourth iteration of our branding. Yeah. I think, you know, our point of view, it’s a case of looking grown up, isn’t it? As you go through through the business? Is evolution? Absolutely. Making this? Look, I suppose it’s making it look more established? And yeah, being that sort of? Well, yeah, the well established been in the business for a long time kind of company.

Yeah. And it’s, you know, it’s reflecting the skill set that we’ve gotten amongst the team. You know, as I say, we’ve, we all evolve over time. And, you know, we operate at a higher level now. And the team members have got a lot of skill to bring to the table.

But that sort of moves on to my next question, really, so sort of, in terms of sort of who in the team has been involved with the projects? So yeah, it’s been sort of a one man band show with yourself, or is it been the sort of the wider team been involved with the project?

No. So the wider team? Absolutely, I’ve not taken this on, as you know, it’s, it’s my project. I’m the creative director, what I say go is kind of thing of wanting to involve the whole team because it’s a reflection of us all. We’ve included a number of developers in the project. We’ve hired Aaron on the main build, and Annette some sorry, has brought some of his newly acquired Three js skill to the table, which you’ll see in the hero area of the homepage is nice interactive, animated background effects on there. And then we’ve also got the marketing and content team that has been heavily involved as well, because we’ve revisited all the messaging just to realign the terminology and the wording on the site and on the brand. Overall,

I think the biggest difference that I can sort of spot is, you know, our old website had, I think something like 95 different examples of work. And this website is called sort of six. Yeah, yeah. Was that a conscious decision to do that?

The wise Yeah, so we just want to show case, kind of float, eight sun, a good handful of our most recent projects and ones That’s we, we do have that larger relationship with the clients on its show the challenge that we’ve been presented with initially how we’ve tackled that challenge and the results that the clients had from working with us, and how we supported them beyond the initial projects as well.

So do you see that that section is going to grow over time in terms, sort of how many we do add to that, but maybe sort of not get to the level of 95 that we had previously.

I mean, it’ll fluctuate a little. But what what wants to do really is keep it to a nice round town, if possible, just as we add new projects to it, and maybe take off some of the some of the older ones, just to keep it nice and fresh.

Yeah, yeah, that makes sense. Okay, I think I start thinking, you know, in terms of the client portfolio work that we share on the website, you know, in our kind of business, you know, people only only really go to agencies where they see the work they’ve done, you know, fundamentally, we can say all day that we’re great at whatever, but you sort of at some point need to see the work that agencies done, don’t you? Yeah, this is the important part. Really? Yeah. And then going forward? Are we going to sort of dropping on new case studies regularly? Is that the idea?

Yeah, so we’ve kind of fall behind on the previous site, or loading newer projects that we’ve got a lot of new stuff to go on the on the fresh websites. But yeah, making a very conscious effort to keep that up to date.

Cool. And I mean, in terms of sort of what you said before about, yeah, the clients that we’re aiming at, and obviously sort of ties in with this case studies. Yeah. Is it that our clients Holly and have sort of changed a lot since the last brand? Or is it that we’re just trying to refine that a little bit?

Yeah. So I feel that it has changed quite drastically, certainly over the past couple of years as well, that’s, you know, as I’ve mentioned, already, we, we work with clients ongoing, it’s not a one project task. I think, way back when it was probably lots of smaller projects that we worked on, but now we we get to know the clients in their business inside out, every member of the team is, you know, fully clued up on on each client sell.

Amazing. And then so I suppose my other really big question is why was now the time to do this. So you know, obviously, we said that this has been going for a while, and we’ve had the other one, the old brand for ages. But is there been sort of a compelling event or something happened that we thought, you know, now’s the time, or you just found some space in the diary to actually get around to it a bit of both,

really. So like, say, over the past couple years, we’ve been working more with ongoing clients. And we have quite a bit of space in the diary to work on this on on our own stuff. But yeah, it’s just for like the right time really,

closely. I mean, we’re probably guilty, like every business of not finding time to do our own things, because we’re very busy. Yeah, at work. So I mean, how long does the project taking overall for us to do? Jumping? To be honest? Yeah.

For about a year, yeah. You know, is, as a creative, one of the hardest tasks is working on your own stuff, it’s, it’s near impossible to, to come to a decision because you’ve got like 101 different art directions, and you had that you want to explore. But you’ve got to step back from that. And, you know, think about the deliverables on on the purpose behind this this rebrand.

It’s interesting, because we’ve had a few projects where we’ve done the rebrand work for other agencies for that exact same situation, haven’t we, where they’ve, they kind of don’t want to do it themselves, because they feel like they wouldn’t get there.

Yeah, yeah, it’s been a few cases that actually, like, say that they’ve always been nice kind of projects that, you know, we can put an answer to straightaway, but for some reason, when it comes to your own stuff, it’s it’s really challenging.

Yeah. Now I understand. Now, that’s great. So I mean, obviously, we’ve rolled up the website this week, and, you know, we will sharing it across all our social media channels at the moment, we’ll be really keen to hear anyone’s feedback on you know, anything that they suggest me, you know, might be changing on it, or can we find the information and as with every website is going to be a an ongoing piece of work that’s going to be changing and developing over time. And then obviously, you know, I assume you’re going to be rolling out that brand to sort of physical things as well. So building signage and Yeah, sort of business, everything down to business cards to every social media graphic. It’s all going to tie in I’m guessing now.

Yes. So the building rebrand is well underway. So obviously, there’s not just a digital presence, there’s a physical it as well. So the buildings already had its new signage and rebranding applied. Then obviously, it has all the digital platforms that we need to apply a new brand into. And then we’ve also as an ongoing project, we are kind of blitzing the inside of our building and just kind of making it a bit more of a creative fun space to work for everybody.

Yeah, coming. I suppose one thing that we do benefit from is having a great sort of justice. The Nation office and another team value having a cool place to come and work and customers like coming in to see us, don’t they? Yeah, it’s so important that we sort of get the interior design look and feel right. And sort of consistent with that brand.

Yeah, it’s, it’s nice for us is like a working environment. But it’s also nice when we have clients come in for meetings. It’s a reflection of our creative personalities. And,

and I, one of the things we do at the moment is involving a couple of our team who are sort of budding illustrators doing some work in our sort of main reception area.

Yeah, yeah. I’m not going to speak too much about that, because I’d like it to be a surprise when people visit. But when it’s complete, it’s well worth a visit. See? Are

they just a way where we’re sort of involving different members of the team’s own skills? Yeah, it’s sort of all collaborate. I think it’s important when sort of a business as a brand that everyone sort of gets behind it, and understands why they’re doing it. And yeah, I think where we got to with our old brand new was that it was done by fundamentally a sort of different team, some while ago, and nobody really here had any ownership of that or sort of felt connected to it as a brand. Yep. So I think I’m hoping Yeah, obviously, with everyone getting sort of involved in the new one, the team will get behind it be proud of what they’ve created. And Ill they’ll sort of feel part of it rather than it just being sort of imposed upon them having joined the company with it in place.

Yeah, definitely. You know, the the best way around that is getting everyone involved doesn’t where you can’t just say oh, that everybody feels like they’ve had an important you know, they’ve injected a bit of their their knowledge or their skill, creativity and today to the whole rebrand. Yes, it’s just getting everyone involved making feel part of the bigger picture.

Amazing. Thanks for that, John. Will Yeah, we’ll be sort of putting out more content over the next week or so about a new brand. And if anybody’s got any questions, or wants to find out more or just want to meet up for a chat, drop us a line at Hello at so marketing.com

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