The Importance of Updating Your Browser

News The Importance of Updating Your Browser

It’s a fairly safe bet that most of the people reading this could probably tell me what browser they’re accessing it through, but could they also name the version they were using? If this is the case, how do they automatically know that their browser is in fact up to date and not presenting a security risk to their personal information and files? Using an old browser can give rise to a number of problems, including compatibility issues and security threats, so why aren’t more of us actively upgrading to the latest version?

Internet Explorer… Google Chrome?
A browser, for the incredibly small minority of people who don’t know already, is simply the general term for a programme that lets users access and surf the internet. Popular browsers include Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla Firefox; for a long time Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the most widely used browser, but has since fallen out of favour, leading the company to begin developing its successor, codenamed ‘Spartan’.

Whilst Google Chrome is currently the most popular browser, probably owing to its highly refined user interface and vast array of supplementary Extensions, there’s little tangible evidence to definitively claim that one browser is the best on the market. Other offerings, such as Firefox, Safari and Opera, similarly provide users with an un-cluttered, streamlined way in which to access the internet. Whilst your choice of browser is largely down to personal preference, the necessity and benefits of operating the latest versions are unanimously agreed upon.

A Matter of Personal Security
Unfortunately cyber attacks, personal data leaks and high-profile hacking scandals have never been far from the headlines recently, but don’t be fooled into thinking it’s just the big companies that are at risk. From malicious spyware to aggressive intrusion programmes, there’s a worrying array of digital threats on the internet that we regularly risk just by opening up our browsers every day.
Most browsers offer a competent level of online security, which complete with pre-installed firewall software should be enough to protect you from the majority of threats. The problem is that new malware is constantly being developed and revised to circumvent these programmes, which means that their filters are regularly outdated. It is therefore integral to regularly check how advanced your browser is, so you can be sure that it offers you comprehensive protection that is up-to-date with the latest information and definitions.

Are We Compatible?
Aside from actively working to prevent threats to your online security and personal data, having an up-to-date browser will also improve your experience of using the internet and visiting your favourite sites. In a constant bid to outdo our competition, we web development companies are always striving to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to design trends and fashions. This means that we use the latest versions of programmes to build such innovative graphics and layouts. Consequently for the user, running an out-dated browser often means that these new web pages are incompatible with their current software, which can commonly lead to text and images looking out of place, or failing to load altogether.

Developers like Google, Microsoft and Apple place user experience at the top of their list of priorities, because at the end of the day, this is the best way to encourage more people to use their products. To this end, they are constantly developing and revising their programmes, so as to provide the most fluid and safe user experience possible. Updating your browser is free, and will not only help protect you online, but will also make using the internet more enjoyable on the whole, so why put it off any longer? If you’re not sure whether or not your browser is up to date, sites like will tell you free of charge.

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