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The Importance of Having a Consistent Brand Across All Channels

Creative The Importance of Having a Consistent Brand Across All Channels

What is a brand?

This is an identity of a business, what you want people to see you as. It communicates what’s important to you, what you want to achieve. Your brand will in turn attract your ideal customers and potential investors.

However, no matter how hard your efforts are to convey this brand image, people all around the world will view you differently. This could be because of their background, beliefs, experiences with your brand, and even their opinions towards your competitors.

That’s why it’s important to maintain a consistent brand image across all channels. Meaning that whenever a person comes into contact with your brand, they are met with the same brand identity as others elsewhere.


Difference between branding and messaging

Many brands will have differing strategies for each channel they have. Therefore their messaging will differ slightly based on the audience on that channel. For example, email campaigns are communicating with those who have expressed interest in the brand, whereas, on Instagram, messaging may be more about awareness. But, branding should remain constant. Communicating the same brand identity and values.


Tips for creating a consistent brand across your channels:

  • Use the same logo everywhere. Pretty simple, and super easy to do. This makes your brand easily recognisable wherever people see it.
  • Set brand guidelines. This can include your colour palette, fonts, tone and voice, communication frequency, and language (how you speak).
  • Define your brand values. These are the values your brand lives by, everything the brand does and says should echo these.
  • Internal organisation. Maybe not so obvious, but being organised internally will ensure no matter who is using brand assets, they will be consistent. Having ordered, clear and accessible to all folders where brand assets sit will help with this.
  • Reusing awesome content. Some people look down on repurposing content, but in fact, this reinforces the messages you communicate. Simply sharing over and over again is probably a no-no. But add an extra bit of information, add updates, put a different spin on the content.
  • Educate your employees. Even if you don’t have clear brand values, your employees will definitely have their opinions on your brand. By communicating clearly what these are, there is no confusion and they will become advocates for your brand.


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