The Google Certified Shops Magento Extension & Consumer Trust

News The Google Certified Shops Magento Extension & Consumer Trust

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In Google We Trust

We’ve all been there; you’re late night shopping in your pyjamas, looking for some great bargains when suddenly you find a MacBook Pro being sold for £200 by a company called something like LAPTOPZ 4U based in Taiwan. “What a phenomenal deal?!” you eagerly exclaim to yourself as you hungrily type in your shipping details. It’s only a couple of months down the line, however, when you receive an empty box in the post, that you realise the deal was probably a little too good to be true.

Incidents like this occur with worrying frequency, which is why the world’s biggest search engine has recently introduced the Google Certified Shops initiative. Needless to say, if you’re an ecommerce retailer running on Magento software, you can’t really afford not to know about it.

Trust Has To Be Earned
SO what is the Google Certified Shops scheme? In a digital nutshell, it’s effectively a means for Google to verify ecommerce retailers, lending them authenticity and (hopefully) encouraging more people to convert through their website. With the growing prevalence of PayPal, and the ever expanding versatility of sites like Amazon and Ebay, digital users are less and less likely to buy directly from online retailers. This is why Google, friendly and helpful chaps as they are, created the Certified Shops Magento extension, which is designed to inspire more confidence in the consumer.

Currently in a trial period across the UK, the Google Certified Shops badge is afforded to ecommerce retailers who fulfil several criteria laid out by the company, more information on which can be found at their website. When users click on the badge they have access to a number of statistics, including orders processed on time, or those completed without any issues, all of which helps them to believe in the credibility of the retailer. Handily enough, as the initiative is Google endorsed (as you might have guessed from the term “Google Certified Shops”), consumers are instantly more likely to trust in and comfortably purchase from brands who adopt it. On the other hand, ecommerce retailers can’t display the badge unless they’ve got the positive figures to back it up – it’s very much a win-win situation.

Getting Your Badge
Wondering how to become a Google Certified Shop? Well, as it just so happens, we might be able to help you out there… First of all you need to register to become part of the Google Certified Shops scheme, a link to which can be found here. We know it sounds a bit daunting, it basically just boils down to inputting a few contact details, don’t panic.
Then, using a module manager, you need to download the Google Certified Shops Magento extension itself. Once you have it, follow the standard steps to access your module configuration settings and enter your Google store ID (a long code you’ll get from the big guys themselves once you’ve registered). Once you’ve entered in the relevant information, you can then begin feeding statistics through to Google which will help you to qualify for the badge itself. If it helps, think of the Google Certified Shops Magento extension as a means of transmitting said data in the right format. Once you’ve graduated from Google academy and earned your Certified Shop badge, you can then choose where it appears on your ecommerce site; if you’re an AdWords user, you can even choose to display it on your ads.

Certifiably Crazy
The Google Certified Shops Magento extension helps to develop trust between you and the consumer, it effectively rewards you for performing optimally and, best of all, it’s free – so you’d have to be pretty cuckoo not to install it. Furthermore, the fact that Google are going to such lengths to promote the Certified Shops scheme speaks volumes about how important consumer trust is becoming in the field of digital marketing.

This has just been a brief rundown of the scheme, more information can of course be found on Magento and Google’s sites respectively. Alternatively, if you’re the old school kind of retailer who wretches at jargon like “ecommerce website” and “open source platform”, one of our web development specialists will be happy to help you out; give us a shout at [email protected].

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