TCSJohnHuxley – Website Creation With SO Marketing

Creative TCSJohnHuxley – Website Creation With SO Marketing

At SO Marketing, none of the team ever find themselves with nothing to do, but Nick Roberts has currently got a lot on his plate with a new website for TCSJohnHuxley!

The Task

Our client, TCSJohnHuxley, approached us wanting to replace their current website with a new, easy to use and more modern replacement. The development job fell to Nick, who has been working tirelessly to complete the site which happens to be one of the largest sites he has ever had to create; with much of the work coming from creating a bespoke roulette wheel configurator tool specifically for this client’s website.

 The Configurator

The configurator allows guests to create their own roulette wheel. Ten sections make up the wheel with each section having individual style and finish options. The wheel is fully customizable by customers and once completed a quote request will go through to the client and the wheel that was designed will be made for the customer.

 The New Features

There are several features that are exclusive to the new site, including a complete layout rework for each individual section of the site, the products are also now structured into categories making them significantly easier to find. The new site boasts far more product features. The products they offer are also significantly more accessible thanks to the bespoke mega menu that allows for convenient and organised movement around the site. TCSJohnHuxley held a photo shoot for their products specifically for the new site so the images on the site are all brand new!

The Fundamentals

The site Nick has created is incredibly responsive and will accommodate your device depending on the size of the screen whether you’re using a mobile device or a desktop. The crisp animations and finishes on the site are made possible by CSS3. Nick also employed jQuery JavaScript when creating the site to allow for more versatility. The site has been built on the WordPress platform using the latest web technologies including HTML5!

The SO Marketing

Make sure that you’re looking out for this beautifully crafted site! If you like the look of this site and would like us to create one for you, remember to contact our team which you can do here for more details and maybe Nick will be creating your site next.


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