So Your Website is Live…Now What?

News So Your Website is Live…Now What?

The long awaited day has finally arrived and your website is live. You’ve been through all of the complexities of setting up the perfect site and now you have a shiny new website…it’s time for business to boom right? Well yes…hopefully but in the meantime there’s still plenty of work for you to be getting on with! In order for your website to thrive, grow and get better, you will need to keep it updated and topped up with new content.

Some content…static content like your about us page and your contact us page will remain the same but other pages such as your news or special offers pages are dynamic pages and they will need regular input and that’s up to you to manage! Don’t simply add reams of low quality content just for the sake of it but ensure that everything you add is of high quality and worth reading. This is vital if you want your site to be a success! People like good quality content which gives them something…information which is worth knowing.

Dynamic page management
An emailed newsletter is a good place to begin with making sure that your customers stay up to date with your news as well as offering them a gentle reminder of your existence! You don’t need to wait for amazing news to send a newsletter…a simple one with a list of new products or one which offers a special discount is a good idea too.

Your news pages can be updated at the same time and you can also add articles which cover topics of interest to your customers. Tutorials and how-to’s work well if you’re short on ideas!

Your social media is part of your website
Don’t think of your social media pages as a separate entity in relation to your website. They may be completely different but the whole point of them is to get traffic to your site….so update daily if possible. Keep in touch with your customers vial social media and make sure that anything you add to your social media pages is share-worthy! Some people prefer to employ someone who knows what they’re doing with this…but you can do it well yourself if you make time. Build interest and gather new customers through your social media and don’t slack! Nothing is more off-putting than a poorly maintained social media presence…social media is everything today.

Building your new website into a well managed, interesting and useful resource takes time; the important thing to remember is that quality not quantity is what counts. People won’t take kindly to badly written articles or pointless articles…they will appreciate informative and useful information and the time it takes to create this will be worth it as you see your site boom.

Keep abreast of the latest news; watch your competitors for what they’re doing and keep on top of technical issues too…your site needs to run quickly and smoothly to be a success so make sure that any glitches or technical issues are ironed out as soon as possible.

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