SO Marketing To Offer Magento Training Courses

News SO Marketing To Offer Magento Training Courses

We’re running Magento training courses to improve the digital skills of local businesses, and we want you to get involved.

Magento, as we’ve discussed on this blog before, is one of the world’s leading open source e-commerce services, offering users the tools to build and maintain a professional storefront for their business online. As far as open source services go, Magento is unrivalled in the amount of options and customisability it offers users, enabling them to create unique, versatile websites that stand out from their competitors.

The issue is however that to those without a comprehensive knowledge of programming and web design, the platform can seem confusing at best, and pretty much impenetrable at worst. We’ve written a variety of articles on the subject before, explaining how to get the most from your e-commerce platform, and ensure it runs at optimal speed. It’s often the case however that following blogs and even taking Magento training courses online aren’t enough, and that reading about these options and implementing them are two wholly separate things.

“Give a Man a Fish, And He’ll Eat For a Day…”

This gave us the idea to run hands-on Magento training courses aimed at providing local businesses with the skills to build and maintain their own e-commerce sites, potentially giving them an international platform on which to market their products.  These sessions would be hosted by our in-house web designers, and would take people through the basics of setting up, running and making amendments to their Magento web sites.

There are more details to come, as we’re still in the ideas stage of setting this project up, so keep watching this blog for more news. If you are interested in taking the course, please get in touch with one of our team today, we’d really like to get a provisional idea of numbers!

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