SO Marketing Recognised In RAR Digital Awards

Events SO Marketing Recognised In RAR Digital Awards

We’re Making A Habit of This…

We know what you’re thinking: “These guys have just been at the RAR Awards – have they really come round again?”. You’d be right in thinking that – the dust is just settling (and the hangovers are just subsiding) from the RAR Awards in May, but we’re pleased to announced we’ve just been recognised again, this time in the RAR Digital Awards. SO Marketing have recently been shortlisted for two highly prestigious awards, ‘Best Agency for Ecommerce’ and ‘Best Agency for Web Design’, proving that if you hang around like a bad smell for long enough, people will probably start to feel a bit awkward and throw you a nomination or two.

We’re Pretty Trendy You Know?

We’re kidding of course (or so we hope); we’ve been lucky enough to work on some amazing projects for exciting clients and brands recently, allowing us to continually push the boundaries of web design and Magento ecommerce development. From up-market London wedding venues to international names in herbal medicines and lifestyle products, our team of web design wizards have been able to use all sorts of innovative features like HTML5 video, new Magento plugins and even a cheeky bit of drone photography. These awards basically mean that all of our clients, both those whose minds we’ve already blown, and those we’re in the process of blowing, can rest assured that the websites they’re getting are suitable ahead of the curve in terms of web design trends.

Moving F-Award

We’re going places here at SO Marketing, and we want YOU to come with us! We’ve built our company by helping working with a range of small & large brands alike. So if you’re in the market for a brand makeover, looking to dust off your old website, or perhaps need to rejuvenate your digital marketing channels, get in touch with us online to find out how we can help.

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