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News SO Marketing Is Evolving | Digital Marketing

We’ve Levelled Up

We’re cashing in our experience points, levelling up and moving onto the next stage. Whatever you want to call it, SO Marketing is diversifying. You see, we’re no longer quite content with just building stunning websites to put you ahead of your competition. Nope, we want to work with clients and brands to make sure these websites are performing to their maximum potential through a range of innovative digital marketing strategies. Interested? Step into our digital office to learn more. (Or just read the rest of the blog).

Get Social With Us

If you’ve followed SO Marketing for a while, you’ll know that we’re a pretty social bunch, and we don’t just mean that we crack a few good jokes after having one too many at our Christmas parties. We get social media, so if you want to do more business through Twitter and Facebook, or you even want to be the next YouTube vlogger extraordinaire, we can help you get there. Our social media guys can help you connect with potential customers before they even know they need your products and services, making sure you’re the first name that comes to mind when they do.

Join the Search Party

Social media strategy is just the beginning of what we can do for your here at the fancy new SO Marketing 2.0. We can also help brands increase their presence on Google (it’s a small search engine thing, you might not have heard of it) through a range of PPC and optimisation packages. We can even help out if you’re looking to create some Google Shopping listings, or chase your customers around the internet on the Google Display Network.

Copy Cats

We have a long history of helping brands realise their full potential with eye-catching visual assets and graphic design pieces, and we’re now going to be offering a range of commercial copywriting and content creation services – helping you guys “talk the talk” so to speak. Whether you need keyword rich, search engine friendly content to populate your website, a fresh perspective on those old company flyers, or even a series of blogs to help bolster your brand, we make sure your copy is saying all the right things about your business.

Putting Your Brand on the Market

SO Marketing are happy to prepare tailored proposals based on exactly where you want your brand to be in the next 6 months. Chat to our team for more information on our range of digital marketing services today!

Take a look at our previous work. Explore our team and agency. Learn from our latest insights. Get in touch to begin your journey with us!