Six Week Holidays – Modernise Your Company

Creative Six Week Holidays – Modernise Your Company

School is finally out for your children which means you get to spend every day you aren’t at work in their company, you lucky devils! But let’s not forget that means the younger demographic will be spending far more time on social media giving you the perfect opportunity to draw more traffic to your website or social media pages over the six week holidays.

The Ascension

Significantly more people between the ages of 5 all the way up to around 18 will have far more spare time and with all this time comes a whole lot of boredom. It’s impossible to fill the whole six week holidays with activities and fun, leading to millions of kids spending far more time than usual online.

A huge increase in the amount of activity online for the younger demographic means countless bored children could stumble across your website or social page. This makes right now the perfect chance to make some changes to your online presence and who knows you could become a viral phenomenon overnight!

How We Can Help

Your work only has to resonate with one person for your follower count to increase, they share your work with someone and the domino effect takes care of the rest so immediately you’re on your way to social superstardom. The hard part, of course, is getting your work to resonate with someone in the first place and that is where we step in.

Our team of creative specialists can bring your website from the medieval times of 2016 into the contemporary glory days of 2017! What we’re trying to say is we understand what is required to be successful in the current age of social media which is why we offer the services of our social wizards to anybody who may need them. Blogs, social posts, SEO, we offer it all and can grow your following with just a few creative posts.

We take your idea and turn them into social posts that are engaging based on the current trends. We can create videos, photo shoots and copywriting content all of which will help with gaining more traffic and ultimately more business. The incoming traffic increase means there’s no time like the present to give us a call.

Get in Touch

So, don’t hesitate to get in touch today and let us help turn you into a social superpower. An opportunity like this rolls around once a year and we’re your golden ticket to social superstardom!

Take a look at our previous work. Explore our team and agency. Learn from our latest insights. Get in touch to begin your journey with us!