Technical support

SO Marketing offers a number of hosting and support options depending on your requirements.


A fast and reliable hosting service is the foundation of having a successful website. No matter the traffic level, a website should provide consistent performance levels during your business’ downtime, and during your busy sales periods. 99.99% uptime guaranteed.

Support Channel

Online security is of paramount importance in the digital age. At SO Marketing we prioritise ongoing support and provide advice for our clients on a number of issues. This ensures that you can focus on your business, and we can support the things we know best, websites!

Our clients are not left in the dark, in fact, we provide a range of security and maintenance packages.

Our ‘website warranty’ customers are guaranteed a response to any query submitted via our support channel within 24 hours of a ticket being submitted.*

Website Updates

Ensuring your website is up to date is vital for maintaining the security of your website. Security updates are usually released due to ‘out of code technology or vulnerabilities’ that have been discovered within code.

They are also released to unveil new features within certain plugins. Whilst, for the most part, this won’t cause any issues, it can highlight conflicts. These conflicts can cause problems on your website. But in the unlikely event that this does happen, our technical support can help you to fix the issue, and return your site to normal.

*Mon- Fri

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