Website Design & Development WOOCOMMERCE

E-commerce websites need to be responsive, flexible, and accessible. Creating a seamless online buying experience for your customers every time.

WooCommerce Page Layout Design

At SO Marketing, we utilise several techniques when creating a website. Ensuring that everyone is fully-responsive, accessible, and adaptive for users on any device. We also make sure that websites are easy for our clients to update and make changes themselves. Giving them the tools to make their own changes, plus after-sales training and support.

WooCommerce Visual Website Design

The WooCommerce websites we create are responsive. Meaning our innovative web designs will alter and adjust to suit the device the website is being viewed on. Every website is compatible with mobile devices, tablets, TVs, and desktops.


Integrations to 3rd party technologies are key to producing a quality customer journey and experience. Allowing information to be automatically accessed, and in large quantities. This can provide insight and a better eCommerce experience. This also saves our clients time and money on resources and streamlines the sales process. From Salesforce to Google Analytics, integrations can unlock information, and provide an understanding of your customer’s behaviour.


What is the point of completing tasks without the ability to analyse how successful they have been? Integrating analytics into your website allows the dissection of data at a granular level. Providing you with the numbers to make informed decisions.

Goal Tracking

Every business has desired goals and conversion metrics. But tracking these, and understanding what path your customers took to complete these is where we focus. Understanding this step gives you invaluable insight and knowledge.

Payment Gateways

Every business has its own business gateway, and WooCommerce allows you to connect your website to hundreds of payment gateways. No matter which platform you’re using, whether it’s Stripe, PayPal, WorldPay, Opayo, or another, we can get you set up. Ensuring everything is paid into the same account and kept under one roof.

Unlimited Potential

Whether your online catalogue consists of 5 products or 5,000, we can build a solution to suit your business needs. But also gives you the option to upscale your website, as and when your business grows.

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