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In today's digital age, we understand, that a fast and secure website is integral to your online success. We offer the services you need to ensure the smooth running of your website.

At SO, we have worked with a wide range of businesses that operate in various industries. Ranging from global e-commerce businesses to local B2B businesses. Therefore, we understand that every business is unique, and so is the support they require. We can tailor our web hosting and support packages to suit you.

Web hosting support


No matter the purpose of your website, every site has its own unique hosting and support requirements. Our options are designed to cater to your specific needs. Tailored specifically to you, you can make sure you cover all your web hosting requirements.

WordPress Maintenance Updates and Technical Support

Our support is designed to ensure your website’s ongoing health and performance. This covers essential maintenance tasks…

Included in our website support is the regular update of plugins. We have worked on websites which have 1 plugin, and some which have 40. But no matter the number, every plugin should be updated regularly to ensure that all functionality is working as intended. This incorporating security enhancements, feature improvements, and bug fixes ensuring the seamless operation of your website.

The security of your website is of the utmost importance. And we make that our priority. Promptly applying security measures to safeguard your site against potential vulnerabilities and threats. Especially when your website contains payment information, customer details and any other information which needs to be safeguarded.

Version upgrades are also included with website support from SO. When a new version of core software becomes available, we manage the upgrade process for you. Ensuring compatibility with your existing plugins.

With our maintenance support you can focus on your core business activities while we handle the technical aspects.

Tailored Web Hosting Solutions

We understand that ongoing technical support is essential for maintaining a healthy and functional website. That’s why we give all of our customers the option of including this when we create you a website. But the flexibility doesn’t stop there. We offer different levels of website support and hosting. Based on your required capacity, abilities and the purpose of your website.

Your website hosting should compliment your business and the way in which you work. Once we have determined your support requirements, we will suggest the best web hosting solution. Ensuring this aligns with the support you require now, and could need in the future.

We offer a completely customisable web hosting and support service designed to meet your businesses needs. With this you gain a reliable partner who ensures your website runs smoothly. As well as addresses technical challenges, and assists in realising your website’s full potential.

Take a look at our previous work. Explore our team and agency. Learn from our latest insights. Get in touch to begin your journey with us!