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Dynamic + InspiringPhotography

Photography can only represent the present Once photographed, the subject becomes part of the past

Studio & Commercial Photography

Photography is a vital aspect for all web design and printing projects. Professional photographs are a great way to display to your customers your passion for your work, when looking at a site or a print project for the first time the first thing that people are drawn to is the images so you need to ensure that your images are going to engage your customers. A picture speaks a thousand words and this rule applies to your site and we’ll make sure that your photographs are telling your customers what they want to hear.


We offer standard and business photography. Standard photography that we offer gives photographs a natural feel since the angle is similar to the human eye whereas portrait photography aims to capture the essence of a person’s character through lighting and specific poses.


For use on ecommerce websites, brochures, catalogues, anywhere where specific product views are required, SO Marketing offer professional product photography that can add extra va-va-voom to your items. This could include fully white shots, a range of backgrounds or even some lifestyle situations, depending on your requirements.


The final photographic service that we make available is lifestyle photography, we offer this to clients who want to add a personal touch to their photography. We will aim to capture our client in a real life situation with the goal being to tell a story of our client and allowing clients to connect on a personal level.
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