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The power of social media is it forces necessary change


Our job isn’t finished once your website goes live - from optimising your site for search engine platforms like Google, to promoting your site across various social media platforms, SO Marketing strives to offer marketing services to help you attract new customers and interact with them.

Social Media Marketing

Utilising demographic targeting, our social media expert can help devise a custom strategy tailored to your business to help push your brand to the forefront of social media, reaching and attracting a larger following.

Google AdWords

Extending your reach to more potential customers, Google AdWords is a new big player in the digital marketing world. With our expertise, we can ensure your ads will be displayed in sponsored Google searches, promoting your business both to audiences both locally and globally.

Search Engine Optimisation

Determined to put you at the top of Google, SEO ensures that your company will be one of the first names customers will see when searching for particular services. SO Marketing can offer a plan tailored to your website, company and industry to get you consistently noticed by key demographics.


Producing regular, good quality content is a surefire way of attracting visitors and customers to interact with your website and brand. Blog posts, social media, copy for print designs and websites all provide further insight into your company and its ideologies, and SO Marketing can provide both guidance and our own in-house copywriting services.