Graphic Design

If potential customers aren’t interested within the first couple of seconds based on your businesses appearance, then you won’t have the opportunity to tell them why they should become a customer.

Digital Design

A regular and consistent presence on social media and content requires graphics. Our designs take into consideration your branding, industry, and content to create visually inspiring graphics, which you can share across platforms, and even use for paid advertising.

Illustration & Animation

Our designers’ skills shine when they create their own illustrations and animations. Creating characters, stories, and videos that showcase any kind of topic.

Design For Print

We prioritise the visual design of print media, as well as the content and objectives. An accurate representation of your business ideals, motivations, and identity is created. Our client’s print is used in a variety of settings, whether for trade shows or to put in order boxes. We aim for all our design work to create a positive and effective outcome.

Packaging design

Well-designed packaging communicates your brand, explains the features of your product, and protects your product. Which requires clever design, and utilisation of limited space. Our designs regularly work on packaging designs, to ensure your product looks good from every angle.


The goal of creating a brand is to capture the essence of your business. Once we have information about your company, your goals, drive, and motivators, our team will collaborate to create visuals. Whether you’re a startup or a heritage brand, our designers can support you in creating a contemporary brand.

Visual Identity

The visual identity of your business is your brand. It’s what people see, and eventually, come to recognise you by. Your colours, logo, fonts, graphic elements, and how these come together to represent your business. A truly unique visual identity.

Our designers enjoy creating the visual identity of a powerful brand. The goal is to create an image that stands the test of time and one that can be consistently communicated across every single touch point.

Creative Brand Guidelines

The key to ensuring a consistent brand across touchpoints, and over time can be down to your brand guidelines. They are imperative for a strong brand presence throughout any changes your businesses may encounter.

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