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Comic sans is never an acceptable font unless you are an 8 year old girl writing a poem about unicorns

New or existing brand development

The primary goal when developing a brand is to capture the essence of your company. We will communicate with you our ideas after you inform us about the goals of your company and what you feel your future holds. Existing companies may need a helping hand to develop their brand to make it contemporary. Once again communication is key, if we know the aspirations of your company we can develop your brand no matter your company’s age or ambition.

Logo and Identity Design

If I say ‘Nike’, what do you think? You think of the logo, right? This is exactly the kind of effect we strive for when creating your logo. We want the logo to be the hypothetical face of your company that portrays how your company works in one image. With our expertise in graphic design we have no trouble creating a logo that is both punchy and creative and will meet the criteria that we will develop together. Your logo is the shortcut to your company’s identity and we can make sure that your identity is exuberant.

Brand Guidelines

The foundation of any brand, a set of brand guidelines is imperative for being consistent throughout both the visuals and the content that you are creating. SO Marketing can advise on maintaining effective guidelines that produce the best results, all the while maintaining your own distinctive style to make sure you never slip by unnoticed.
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