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Summer Lovin’

Yep, it’s been raining solidly for about two hours outside, but our iPhone weather app tells us there’s a 2% chance of sun, so we’re going to cling to that hope and officially call it; summer is here. But what does the summer season mean for your business? Some industries – fashion, retail, tourism & travel – are naturally going to be really busy at this time of year. Others, however, particularly the services industry, might well be hitting their annual lull. So how can businesses adapt their digital marketing strategies to accommodate for the drop? Or is a bit of downtime for some light “web-keeping” just what they need?

Browsing Habits

The sun has a bit of a weird effect on us British folk; we break out those old tank tops, venture out to drink cider in beer gardens, and generally become a more sociable bunch. All of these things (apart from the tank tops, maybe) have a profound effect on our browsing habits. In line with the stark rise in mobile searches and activity we’ve seen over the past half-decade, consumers are going to be accessing the web through their smart devices more than ever this season, as they’re increasingly connected whilst out and about. The question is; is your business ready for the mobile revolution?

We’ve already seen that Google has affected its Search algorithm to prioritise mobile-friendly landing pages, so if you haven’t yet invested in a mobile overhaul, now could well be the time. Funnily enough, SO Marketing offers a range of tailored packages, all of which include mobile-friendly optimisation, so if you just need a simple brochure site, or you want all the bells and whistles of a bespoke build, our Staffordshire web developers can build something that looks great on all devices.

Time for a Spring Clean?

All things being considered, however, if statistics show that this is a notoriously slower period for your industry, it has to be asked whether it’s worth investing in marketing at all? As a wise man once said: “There’s nothing wrong with a bit of downtime” (actually, I said that when I wanted a nap, but you get the idea). If the summer holidays have a proven effect on your inquiry level, then perhaps now is the perfect time for that stunning new website you’ve always dreamed of. Updating your digital assets, or even revolutionising your brand altogether, is always best approached during slower periods, so as to ensure your digital platforms aren’t offline when your clients need them most. The general lull in the B2B space brought on by the summer holidays is then one of the best times to invest in a wholly new platform; in fact, SO Marketing offers a range of tailored packages – oh wait, we did this bit already.

Get Out More

Based in Staffordshire, web designer extraordinaire SO Marketing help loads of B2B & B2C brands change up their digital assets and engage with their consumers. The infamous “Summer holiday lull” could well be the perfect opportunity to improve upon your existing web platforms, so why not get in touch? We also work with loads of digital marketing types, so check back to our blog shortly for more information on how best to invest your budget in the dry summer months.

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