Recovering Abandoned Carts in Magento to Maximise Sales

News Recovering Abandoned Carts in Magento to Maximise Sales

There are many reasons behind the ongoing problem of cart abandonment. Customers get distracted or perhaps they are simply window shopping and hadn’t much serious intention in the first place.
Sometimes they just change their minds…or perhaps they thing twice and decide that the shipping or the cost of the items is just too high. Whatever the cause, shopping cart abandonment is very frustrating for business owners simply because it happens so often.

According to recent research the average abandonment rate is 73%…which is huge! Another interesting point to note is that the vast majority of cart abandonments occur in the hour between 1.00pm and 2.00pm; and the most common reasons given include high shipping costs and high product prices but the time of these abandonments is a clue to another important factor…it just happens to be lunch time.

Imagine a scenario which goes something like this; Miss Jones is cramming in a spot of shopping on her lunch break in the office; unfortunately her break ends sooner than usual thanks to an issue which needs her immediate attention.

Miss Jones abandons her full cart and gets on with the rest of her afternoon. Later in the evening, she wants to carry on with her purchase but though she remembers which products she’d put in the cart she can’t remember the website…after all she’d looked through a lot that day in her search for a particular item or items.

She ends up carrying out another search and finds the items on a different site. You lose your sale.

A simple reminder email serves as a bookmark for buyers; an automated service which lets them know that they didn’t finish their shopping earlier and their items are waiting for them is a very useful tool…both for the customer and for you.

Research has proven that far from finding automated reminders an irritant, the majority of shoppers appreciate the nudge…and that’s all it is, a little heads up to let them know that if they still want the things they selected, that they’re waiting for them.

Abandoned Carts in Magento can be turned around to maximise sales and it’s worth investing time in working out the best ways for your business because competition is very fierce indeed; shoppers face more distractions than ever before and sometimes your customers need a little help to find their way back to your checkout!

Other helpful tactics include adding offers to reminder emails; any reductions or special codes can be included in reminders as an extra carrot to dangle if shoppers are still unsure about their purchase.

Tracking the successfully recovered carts is another sensible option and one which can help you to ensure that your tactics are working. If they’re not then you have the information necessary to make changes which will ensure success.

Because the business of Ecommerce is so competitive you need to be at the cutting edge of technology when it comes to reducing cart abandonment and the reasons behind it.

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