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Rebecca’s top tips from Brighton SEO

Events Rebecca’s top tips from Brighton SEO

Rebecca, our Digital Marketing Executive, had a great time attending the virtual Brighton SEO Convention. After two days of listening to the talks given by an array of experts and insiders, Rebecca came back into the office buzzing with lots of ideas and new updates that we need to prepare for.

SEO doesn’t have to be a scary topic, with a bad rep for being confusing and technical. And while some of the components of SEO can be quite technical to complete, they’re still easy principles to understand. Google want’s to serve the best, most relevant information to its users. So if you’re starting work on your SEO for the first time or implementing a new strategy, it’s going to take time to see results.

SO, here’s Rebecca’s top takeaways from Brighton SEO:

  • Link building doesn’t have to be difficult- you can build links by putting content out that people find useful and helpful. A page will also naturally acquire links over time if it adds to others stories.
  • 15% of queries on Google everyday, have never been seen before. Google is constantly learning and trying to serve users with the most relevant content. SEO should be constant.
  • SEO’s should be aware and prepared for the Google User Experience update in May 2021. Which will have an impact on Google’s rankings.
  • Users have changed how they look for information- now using much more specific, long-tail keywords to find exactly what they are looking for.
  • SEO shouldn’t be limited to just the website- it should be integrated throughout digital touch points, including Social Media.
  • Neural matching is a great way of matching searched keywords to concepts. As answering questions correctly is sometimes difficult, this AI method better connects human-to-human questions and answers through computer connections.
  • Everything in SEO takes time- from building links to seeing results.
  • In the world of SEO, it’s always changing. It may seem like we are working in a reactive way, automation is the best place to start. Making processes as easy as possible, and as quick as possible.
  • Accessibility is very important, ensuring that everyone can use your website to access the information they want. Lots of websites are missing out on money, because some people are unable to use websites. 1 in 5 people have a disability and it’s important to cater for these.
  • Effective internal linking is the key to full potential. These add relevance to all important pages, and you have control over internal linking.
  • Expertise, authority and trust are what users look for in links. It’s about putting relevant, good content out which people can use.
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