Quotes at SO Marketing Are Getting Easier

News Quotes at SO Marketing Are Getting Easier

You Can Quote Us On This One…

As our Sales & Marketing Manager never seems to get tired of saying, here at SO Marketing “we give out more quotes than Shakespeare” – terrible joke, we know, but it did give us a bright idea. You see, here at SO we’re obsessed with customer satisfaction, and want to give you guys the most streamlined, efficient service possible.

The thing is, the quoting process is a little bit more difficult than that; there’s usually lots of “umming” and “ahhing”, a healthy bit of miscommunication and several meetings filled with cups of tea before we finally settle on a suitable product and price. Now it’s not that we don’t love cups of tea, but we wanted to make this whole process a little more straightforward, allowing us to get back to what we do best; creating fantastic web and print assets.

That’s why we’re investing in a new means of generating quotes, shortly available on our website, to help speed things up a bit. Don’t be mistaken, you’ll still get the personal touch we’re known for, the new enquiry function will just help us to learn more about what it is you need, and where you’d like to be, so we can prepare cost estimations quicker and more accurately.

Until Then

We’re hoping to get this new feature added in as soon as possible, but until we do, you’re going to have to get in touch with us the (semi) old-fashioned way, either by dropping us an email at [email protected], or by calling us directly on 01538 750 538.

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