Vintners Pride of Germany

Vintners Pride of Germany

Vintners Pride of Germany came to us via referral from a client we’ve worked with for over 10 years on various projects. It is a start-up business with the sole aim to market German wine makers to the UK market.

Each producer in the Vintners Pride of Germany alliance is an expert in their field and have been producing superb wines over the generations. From bone dry to the ultimate sweet wines, Vintners Pride of Germany prides itself on providing wine that no other country can produce to this standard.

Pitching new German wine estates to the UK market requires a highly polished look and feel. This is a consumer market that is undeniably knowledgeable and opinionated on their tastes. However, German wines are known to be some of the best in the world and the website design aesthetics had to meet that.

As this was a completely new brand, we also had to work on a new brand design from scratch and source relevant product photography to aid the visual appearance of the whole project. Whilst the technical side of the website was fairly simple, the aesthetic was paramount among our team to ensure it delivered stunning results to appeal to the target audience and convert them into consumers of VPOG.

We are extremely proud of the outcome of this project and that client has an easy to use, beautiful website for the consumers to learn more. But, the key deliverable on this project was ensuring the team within VPOG had a site that was also easy to update as the brand grew throughout its infancy. This means they can easily add new vineyards and clients as time goes on, and seamlessly link it within their social media strategy and output.

VPOG is also now fully supported by our maintenance plan which means they can relax, knowing we are always on hand for any technical issues and their website is easily maintained or repaired should any issues arise. For a new business this support is invaluable and means they can stay focused on growing their brand, knowing their website is supporting their hard work 24/7.

We love working with brand new businesses, and the thrill of seeing a whole new brand being born is something our team gain brilliant enjoyment from. The pressure of getting it absolutely right fuels the passion for our cause and ensure all of our new and small business clients get highly sophisticated digital marketing to give their business no limit to their potential success.

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