The Donna Louise

Donna Louise Hospice

Whether having lots of fun and bringing families together at their purpose-built facility in Trentham, providing respite in the family home, being there during hospital stays, facilitating support groups in the community, or simply being at the end of the phone, The Donna Louise is there for families across Staffordshire and Cheshire – whenever, wherever, always.

And this year they have extended their services even further offering support to individuals and their families beyond the age of 18. This continued care is something that has been warmly welcomed by those in need, and the community around them. Donna Louise has extended their property to accommodate these extra services and has increased investment into the staffing and facilities dedicated to them.

Being the long term digital marketing partner for Donna Louise, we know the team really well and have a good understanding of their ethos and ambitions for the charity. So when they came to us and discussed their plans for this growth, we couldn’t wait to dive into the creative process with them once again with this brand new concept!

The current logo and marketing design for Donna Louise was rather childlike, which perfectly suited the charity when the focus was solely on under 18s. However, now the charity was extending beyond childhood years, we needed to give the company a whole new, more grown-up feel which encompassed those young, old and everyone in between. Everyone belongs, everyone is welcome and everyone can benefit from this wonderful charity’s work.

This project was a full 12 month rebrand which would require full creative, digital and technical input throughout.

We created an all-new brand for Donna Louise, something that went through a vigorous design and testing process to perfect the style, colour and message it portrayed. We also went through a number of design concepts for the whole marketing areas of the charity and applied the appropriate photography expertise and techniques for their target audience.

Once a branding concept and guidelines was agreed, we then set about applying this across every aspect of the charity’s marketing. This meant that all digital and print materials were adapted to match the new design. From the website and social media channels through to the business cards, signage, newsletters and brochures, everything got a new look and showcased the brilliant new direction for the charity.

Jayne Dono, of Donna Louise said “SO Marketing have been so supportive of The Donna Louise since we began working with them. They go above and beyond the expectations of our monthly retainer and they’re always responsive to our feedback and ideas.”

One area in particular we enjoyed working on was the One In A Million project. This huge fundraising appeal saw us design and produce an effective and creative video for the charity with ambassadors and famous faces who proudly support their work. This was a project that was both imperative we got it absolutely right, but heart-warming and emotional to complete.

We are incredibly proud to be the chosen design agency for Donna Louise, and believe that through working closely with the team, being honest and straight-talking with our expertise and advice, we were able to create something that matched and exceeded their original goals for the project This close working relationship continues to this day too, as we are still their chosen and dedicated creative design agency!

Logo design for The Donna Louise
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