Steel Works

Steel Works

Steel Works Dance Academy has operated for over 30 years and have grown to be one of the best known and highly respected dance and performance academies in the Staffordshire area. Steel Works is now run by the second generation of the family and has grown from strength to strength with an ever-increasing clientele.

They pride themselves on inspiring and challenging students to be the best they can and aims to guide every student onto a course designed to meet their individual training needs. Their experience is friendly and personal with students encouraged to develop their own sense of responsibility, maturity and creativity whilst retaining a sense of individuality; always striving to reach their full potential.

This is a company that is steeped in history, and yet embraces the changing world with creativity and flair that both aspiring and accomplished performers can enjoy and embrace.

The existing Steel Works website had a number of user management challenges. It was originally set up in a way that was difficult for the client to use. This meant that the client found it difficult and frustrating to manage. Support from the existing agency wasn’t great either. So, as we had already been working with Steel Works on other design projects, they came to us to work on a brand new website for them.

And so, the main aim of this site was to create a simple, effective site that the client could easily manage and maintain themselves, thus solving their main problem with the current site.

This project was great fun to work on. We had already worked with Steel Works on previous design projects so our relationship with them was already there and thriving. This meant that we understood their business well, and the goals they hoped to achieve with the project.

A creative and arts industry client is always an interesting one for our designers too! We were able to develop a site that blended beautiful, simple and elegant typography and content with truly outstanding photography. The imagery of this site really creates a fantastic display, catch the user’s attention and tell the story of what Steel Works is all about. Images like this are absolutely essential for Steel Works to create the sense of drama, intensity and high quality.

The site itself was developed within WordPress with an easy editing functionality and new design layout. We also created an online shop function so the client could increase the site’s usage and to be able to sell tickets for performances as well as dancewear.

As a result, this site blends both an e-shop style design with a simple, informative and promotional platform for Steel Works to maintain their position as one of the top names in dance throughout Staffordshire.

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Bespoke Wordpress Website for Steelworks Academy
Bespoke Wordpress Website for Steelworks Academy