Staffs Council

Staffs Council

Staffordshire County Council is a large network of council services throughout the area. There services are far-reaching their need for effective communication is huge. So much so, that they developed an app to improve effective communication to those living in the county. This app was designed to enable residents to access information quickly and efficiently and for the council to relay information, update and change services and ensure a smooth communication line from the council to everyone else.

Although the development and release of the app went smoothly, the download rate of the app was very low. And, those that had downloaded it, were not using it as much as the council would have hoped. With this in mind, Staffordshire County Council contacted us to offer our marketing expertise.

They required a digital marketing campaign to increase awareness of the app and provide assistance for their communications team.

This project allowed our team to draw on their creative marketing experience and skills and develop them into something that worked for a council setting.

We formed a social media marketing plan and executed it successfully which boosted the app download rate by a massive 200%. We also trained the internal team to allow them to continue to push the product once we had completed our contract with them. The app continues to remain successful and we have been invited back by Staffordshire County Council on a number of occasions for additional work in other areas with them.
It’s always great to get our teeth stuck into a project which requires some solid results.

Learning all about a client’s needs and finding the perfect solution is all part of our job. However, when we see solid results like a 200% increase in downloads, it’s a testament to our creative team which we are proud to have in house with us. We love getting feedback and hearing about the success of projects we work on as our hearts are invested in our clients’ success just as much as they are!