Spindle House

Spindle House

Spindle House crafts lifestyle solutions and transform the aspirations of their clients into something spectacular with ever project they undertake. Their bespoke, hand-crafted garden thatched gazebo buildings are some of the most beautiful structures on the market today and they pride themselves on creating breath-taking solutions for every client. Whilst local to us in terms of geography, Spindle house (like us) have a national reach with their target market, so their online presence is of high importance.

As Spindle House rely so hugely on their online market place, having the perfect website is something they take very seriously. However, their current website was not performing to its best potential. They noticed they were losing significant Google rankings, and in this age of fast digital consumer movement, it’s something they couldn’t ignore for too long.

As the team were aware of us and our portfolio, they reached out for us to help find a solution.

The main challenge with this project for our team was to meet the clients exacting standards on the website itself. The site was suffering from organic SEO listings failing, plus increasing PPC ad spend which simply wasn’t returning desired results. To top that, the site was not responsive and not SSL secure.

Our team worked from hand-drawn sketches and content to translate the client’s vision into a working website that was reflective of the quality on offer.

The project was completed with a great effort and clear communication between ourselves and the client at every stage. The whole website was rebuilt using a content managed system which allows for the client to edit offers, photos and content anytime they like. This flexibility allows for their website to adapt, mould and reshape as their business and their marketplace does.

And, just as we said that lasting relationships are highly important to us, we are now continuing to work with Spindle House to run an SEO campaign to regain those lost rankings and keep ongoing costs down.