Speedcrete are a huge name in their field and have a great variety of products available to their customers. They are a leader in plant equipment, building tools, hand tools, safety wear and a great range of their offering is available to hire or buy as new or used. The company have been running since 1982 and continue to expand due to their innovative ideas and determination to make these ideas more than thoughts. The company have offices all around the UK and are committed to providing both excellent customer service and an unparalleled standard of product.

This is a brand that is well-respected and a big name in the construction industry throughout the UK, and so it was imperative every member of our team did their research to fully appreciate the scale of this brand and what was needed to take it forward even more.

Speedcrete are an internationally recognised company in the field of specialist construction tools and came to us at SO Marketing wanting a website and logo that would reflect this. They gave our team the task of giving their online profile a total rework, wanting a new logo, brand and digital assets. This project required a great deal of creativity and focus on ensuring the brand played homage to it’s history whilst reflecting their need to be contemporary and forward-thinking in their approach.

Speedcrete required a logo that would resonate with their audience and display the efficiency of the company’s service. Our team settled on a vibrant orange colour palette coupled with an italic typeface resulting in a finished product that screamed efficiency.

Taking motivation from the logo we had already created we began to develop a responsive website with navigation as a priority, the site was created on Magento e-commerce and we also handled the work to map the SEO from the previous site on to our new one. The finished product was a system that gave multiple ways for users to filter the vast number of products that Speedcrete offers.

This project is a great example how how a big brand can reinvent themselves to provide their branding with the security and style in a contemporary marketplace. Speedcrete has been in business since 1982, and the industry has developed and changed over that time, so the brand needs to develop too.
The secret to longevity? Play homage to your history but focus on the future, and a brilliant brand shall emerge.