When we began working with SonicWALL, SO Marketing was truly in its infancy. Their experience and knowledge in cyber security really helped us appreciate its importance. And with our design and digital solutions giving them the edge against competitors, this really was a business relationship in which both parties grew, developed and gained great insight.

SonicWALL are a company that have innovated the world of cybersecurity and have been fighting the cybercriminal industry for over 27 years. They provide proactive cyber threat prevention. Armed with their motor of More business, less fear, they continue to secure organisations from simple and advanced threats. It’s an award-winning firm securing more than a million networks, and their emails, applications and data in over 215 countries and territories. These organisations run more effectively and fear less about security, because of SonicWall.

SonicWALL were the very first client of SO Marketing and have been with us through a rollercoaster of changes to their company such as being merged into Dell and then de-merged again. SonicWALL are a fantastic company and we continue to work with them on an incredibly regular basis offering all varieties of tasks daily. We have supported the team at SonicWALL for 10 years now and have built up close relationships.

Over the last 15 years we have completed a variety of solutions and tasks for SonicWALL. The regular work includes design, print and web services, but we have also completed ad-hoc projects for them including exhibition stands, organising partner events and much more.

A relationship of this size, length and scale requires good communication and a respect between all parties. This trust and confidence is something that develops over time, so we like to ensure our clients feel confident and comfortable in being able to choose us, and stay with us. Whilst we are always happy to complete one project for a client and see them take on their industry with style, we truly love to develop that relationship further and become another arm to your business. With regular communication and connection, we are able to develop a sound understanding of your business and what it needs.

This is a client we are proud to work with on a regular basis and we look forward to continuing to do so as the years and brand progress.

And, thanks to their enlightening knowledge and appreciation for cybersecurity, you can be sure, whatever project we undertake for your brand, we treat security and safety with the focus and dedication it needs.