Shout Out Clothing

Shout Out Clothing

Shout Out Clothing is the new brand from an already established, well-known local business to us in Staffordshire. They are primarily a clothing brand that create a multitude of products for all ages despite primarily appealing to the 18-30 age demographic. Not only does the client create contemporary clothing that will keep you looking on-trend, but they also offer customers other trendy products such as banners for special occasions and even coffee mugs. This brand is effortlessly cool, contemporary and utterly chic.

In May 2015, Shout out Clothing was started as a side business with the aim to diversify the business into offering printed garments aimed at a very specific target audience of people aged between 18 and 30. They came to us requesting a Magento e-commerce site. The great thing about working with this client was the fact they already had an established and success brand, so they understood and appreciated what was needed to get Shout Out Clothing looking great and performing well online.

Shout out clothing came to us requiring a responsive Magento e-commerce site that would allow them to expand the website as the brand itself expands. Magento was the only option when it came to creating this site since the vast amount of traffic that the website was aiming to receive simply would not be able to be handled by any other platform.

We worked together with the Shout Out team to create the site, they handled the product graphics and we built a unique design around these graphics. The target market for this brand would be mainly phone and tablet based, so it was imperative this site was responsive and looked stunning on any device, so once the basic design was built, our team spent a great deal of tie ensuring the responsiveness was seamless.

The overall outcome of the Shout Out Clothing website was bold, contemporary and uber-cool.