Reels In Motion


We have worked with Reels in Motion for a number of years as we partner with them regularly on video projects, so they were a great client to start working with, as that relationship was already there.

Our two companies synergise well, meaning we felt extremely capable to deal with their specific challenges. The team at Reels in Motion have established themselves as one of the most prominent video production teams in the UK leading to work with large company’s such as Jaguar and JCB. They pride themselves on being responsive, consistent, measured and professional n their approach.

Reels in Motion was struggling with their theme-based website and employed our team to help characterise their site and properly display the creativity of their team. Since the existing website was lacking, we gave their site a quick fix to help keep it relatively contemporary but then discussed creating a new website from scratch.

The issue with a theme-based site is once a company wants to move in a certain direction they are highly restricted, so we began work on a site with bespoke design visuals and built around this.

The concept behind a whole new site was to allow the site to develop and evolve as the business does. Less restrictions and more creativity. Less constraints and more power to the client.

We created a WordPress website that allows the client to add content to the website as they enhance their filmography, not only this but they can manage content that already exists on the site in a far more organised way in comparison to the previous site.

The new website was much more suitable for what they do, with full-screen video on the homepage, a clear and un-cluttered layout throughout as well as a crisp portfolio grid outlining all their latest projects. As is the case with all our websites, the elements adapt depending on the screen size at which it is being viewed, making it a great experience on all devices, with beautiful animations throughout making the website an interactive and interesting experience.

Working with Reels in Motion was fantastic, and it was great to allow the dynamics of the relationship evolve from what is usual a collaboration between us for another client, into a fully-focused effort into their own business.